Vancouver Province Article on Casey Printers

Here is the link to an article on Casey Printers posted yesterday by Lowell Ullrich of the Vancouver Province:

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I know that I am not a professional athelete and do not know all the pain that the go through. Before I make my next statement I will also say that I know the players in the NFL make a lot more money than the players in the CFL.

I was watching an interview of Brett FAVRE the other day who said eveh though he was injured he would be playing in the next game. He also mentioned that he has had injuries in the past that could have kept him out of games, but he wanted to play and so he did, thus his record for number of starts in a row.

It just made me wonder about some of our players who get hurt and then are out for a few games. Of course there are injuries that players get that they should not even attempt to play until they are better, for example a concussion. But a sprained ankle????? I would have thought with the adrealine rush and also being an athelete, that these guys would be able to go next game.

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Makes you wonder sometimes..............

When you consider Favre's case, it's also worth remembering that he became addicted to painkillers.