Vancouver paper :aribtrator doesn't rule soon Jimenez sits

Apparently, according to the paper, if the arbitrator doesn't rule within 48 hours Jimenez may have to sit this game out as the rosters have to in. Wally will in all likely hood, I believe, place an additional back-up on the roster as added protection. That means the arbitrator would have to rule sometimes this afternoon. :wink: Finally maybe some action on the front lines instead of drawing this out futher.

Additional new: DJ Flick may have injured himself at friday mornings practice and may have to sit out Sundays big game.(in vacouver paper as well) :expressionless:

Pulled groin muscle from what I heard.

Tough break for Flick.

he'll be there...

If this is serious, that would mean that for the game the Riders will be missing their two starting wide-outs, a starting slotback, their starting running back and possibly their starting fullback.

Wow. Missing 5 starters on offence from the skill positions. Talk about bragging rights when they get 400 yards offence and win the game. :slight_smile:

The Fifth Quarter
The Province's Lowell Ullrich muses on the Lions and CFL
Jimenez awaiting word -- sound familiar?
It just gets better, or worse, for Jason Jimenez.
With most thinking his appeal of a one-game suspension would not go before an arbitrator until next week, word Thursday is that an arbitrator is now in play and could decide Friday whether or not to even allow a hearing.
That puts Jimenez in a position where he could still be out of Sunday's West final for the Lions, which most people thought would not be possible given the protracted nature of appeals and justice in the league in general.
The Lions are starting to sweat, if for no other reason than they must issue a 46-man roster 48 hours in advance of the game and can only assume their starting right tackle will be playing.
And you wonder why some of his teammates were a little ticked when Jimenez went after Anthony Gargiulo.
This is just a guess, but you get the feeling the league is putting on a big push to get something done sooner than later. If the Lions get by Saskatchewan Sunday, Jimenez becomes a front-burner item during Grey Cup week.
Is any of this a big deal? You bet it is. The Lions offensive front is a different unit without him, not just for his loss but the changes elsewhere along the line that would be required. Having Rob Murphy back Sunday is naturally huge, but the Lions gave up seven sacks last game when they had to switch two players after Jimenez was tossed out.
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Published Thursday, November 15, 2007 8:32 PM by L. Ullrich
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I guess the ruling came down very quickly as to if the suspension would be heard before the grey cup. ANOTHER CASE OF JUSTICE NOT BEING SERVED