Vancouver Mayor thanks Winnipeg for losing

The Mayor of Vancouver Thanked Winnipeg today for losing as he did not want to have his city trashed again as they are still cleaning up from the Canucks loss

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I'm very disapointed in the quality of trolling around here. it has become quite weak recently.

The real tragedy of the riot was they trashed Megabite pizza on Granville, that's a great place! But now it's up and running so I can punish my blood veins for being nice and open. :smiley:

What this board needs is a better class of troll...


Here some trolling for you evildoctor. The bombers cheated by taping the Ti-kittens closed practice and here's the proof.

There you go, facts make for better trolling.

You know, if EZ Football had included kittens in every post, people would have hated him less... :lol: