Vancouver Islanders

With HarbourLynx no longer running. Does anyone have a NEW (BC fairies does not impress me) idea for us Islanders. I live in Naniamo and can only make select games but would not want to stay over night in Vanc_eww_ver if I dont have to.

Sadly we on the island get it in the back side again. I live in Victoria and am a season ticket holder of prem. seating. I have to stay over each game as there are no day games. :x But after saying that we enjoy the games to much to worry about it. We stay with friends 8) mostly but when we can not we stay at the "Y". Close and well worth it to us. Would be nice if we could get back, but until they have day games I can not see this happening. BC fairies suck now and always have. The old CPR ferry was awesome. 4am sailing every night!! Hang in there and enjoy the games!! 8)

Wheres Pat McGear when you need a tunnel built!

Didn't BC Ferries have a deal last year where they had a late run on Game nights?'s a long shot, but I wonder if the Lions head office would tell you how many seasons ticket holders are Islanders......if there were enough I bet you could take this info to a private charter business and they might see a business opportunity to run a private ferry from the island on game day with a p/u the next morning.......if there are even 30 to 40 people (out of 25,000 fans) I bet it makes economic sense for a charter company to do this.....maybe a service from both Victoria and Nanaimo.......

No, but later in the season they did have (three games I believe) where you showed your ticket and you got a free ride.

Another Victorian here. I had season tickets last year, but with the ferry travel and all the hotel stays necessary, it cost me over $1500 on top of the ticket price - WAY too rich for me this year, so I had to let the season pass go. I'll still get to three or four games, but the whole season - no way possible.

I notice BC Ferries is planning on having a late ferry for the Steve Nash Celebrity Basketball game in Vancouver later this year. Good for BC Ferries. But I sure wish they could treat football fans as well as they treat basketball (or Steve Nash) fans. It really bugs me that I can't go to Vancouver for ANYTHING that takes place in the evening without having to spend the night.

But I still wouldn't move to the lower mainland. It's too good here!

Is that the ferry that capsized?

Not capsized....sank. Actually it was one of the Northern ferries.....not the one that goes to Vancouver Island.

my god!

Yes I feel sorry that there is no running ferrie but what does that have to do with football.

That is the one I was refering to

Ithink we need a sports event ferry. With 2010 coming, now might be a smart time to do it.

Deepak- My team, the "BC" Lions , sometimes deserve to have their name changed to The Vancover Lions. There are alot of fans on an island or in the northern part of the province who have to settle for TV coverage and may make a big trip to see a game. The only Nanaimo to Vancover ferry is now gone and now I am forced to spend the night in Vancouver.

realist wrote

But I still wouldn't move to the lower mainland. It's too good here!