Vancouver Canucks schedule game during grey cup

Unlike the superbowl, where all sports and new programming shut down for superbowl, the grey cup has plenty of competition. However, over the last decade or more Cdn NHL teams have largely not played on grey cup sunday or played early in the day so they are not competing for viewers.
I read an interesting post about the canucks schedule. The canucks will be playing at home on grey cup sunday and the game will start probably around the beginning of the 3rd quarter of the grey cup, with the extra ling halftime show.

Grey cup is in vancouver. Very good possibility lions could be in the game. Cfl schedule was out long before nhl schedule.
So why in the world would the canucks do this?
Did the lions pee in the canucks cereal?
Are Rogers the canucks regional broadcaster?
Anyways just thought it was a bad move by the canucks.


That is extremely unfortunate.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the BC Lions owner gets this changed.

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Could it just have been an oversight? There are lots of other factors that go into scheduling games I’m sure.


Well I guess that’s that then …The CFL is simply just going to have to move the Grey Cup to another date is all to accommodate the almighty NHL I suppose :roll_eyes:


Get them to change starting time like the recent change to avoid clash with Oiler game. Or, in the alternative, just ask the Lions to tank the western final to make sure the Riders go to the GC…which will probably happen anyway, without the Lions cooperation. :smiley:

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Just make sure both TSN and Sportsnet do a split screen TV thingy and show both at once. This should work. :wink:

@jon comments on MBT is worth a read related to some extent to this:

It’s more the CFL’s issue as they may not have considered the possibility of the NHL scheduling system.

Perhaps Rogers is vindictive.

They play Saturday and Sunday that weekend … just make both 1:00 pm (local) starts


Which date do you prefer?

Do the canuckleheads play on the Saturday before the Grey Cup.

If not, simply ask the CFL to move it on that day.

But, nah, the tickets might have been printed by now.

Thanks for the confirmation as I was about to inquire about that fact.

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Interesting read here from Reddit about the Super Bowl and Olympics:

…"Because of the circumstances with the Olympics and the NFL, someone’s going to get ticked off no matter what the NFL proposes. There’s nothing the league can do about it. The question is what the league wants to do and what battle they want to fight. Do they want to fight a battle against both NBC and CBS, do they want to fight a battle against CBS, or do they want to fight a battle against the NCAA? Either way, the NFL is going to be in competition with some organization.

It may be five years away, but considering the fact that no stadium has been awarded the rights to Super Bowl LVI yet and no date has been determined for the game, the league has time to determine an appropriate solution. We’ll see which route they decide to go."

lol def an oversight on the part of the NHL. my guess is the league computer that sets the schedule didn’t know about the grey cup and the folks in charge of it didn’t care to check.

Just move the Canucks game to the Monday after the Grey Cup , easy peasy , done deal . They can keep their Saturday game as is already scheduled. Another alternative is to just simply move the game to a later date in the season . It’s not like it hasn’t been done before under different circumstances . The Grey Cup is a one off event unlike the NHL who play 10 months of the year with 82 game played with 41 of those dates being home games .

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Meh, don’t see this as big thing. Two different crowds, not much overlap. Just don’t drive into the downtown whatever you do, take the Skytrain. Downtown merchants are going ‘Yea, baby!’

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No matter where you place the date of the championship there’s always a conflict of some kind.

Ambrosie awarded the game a year and half before and never provided the exact date until after 2023 final was concluded.

Far cry from when he awarded the game to Regina and Hamilton back to back with the actual date before COVID derailed that plan.

November 22nd ,2020 (cancelled due to COVID)
November 21st ,2021 (rescheduled to Dec 12th)

I understand with new CBA there is a clause stating the season can be moved upto 30 days which may be a factor in not announcing the date of this year’s one.

Hopefully the CFL should consider consulting the Jets and the NHL as to which Sunday are they planning to schedule Jets game (5 of them in November) so they can pick the date correctly.

Guessing the 2025 final will be on November 16th.

Maybe the NHL will schedule a Heritage Classic on same date and in the same venue just to spite the CFL :rofl:


Unfortunately I drive for attending games in Vancouver (can’t don’t trust transit some reason).

Hopefully can get there 2hrs before kick-off but it’s going to be a zoo getting out of the Costco parking lot.

Oh well.