Van Zeyl cut by the Boatmen

Apparently Van Zeyl has been let go as to not have to pay his bonus $

Class act by the team

He once had a tryout here but the team passed on him…went on to the Argos and had a successful career along with Wayne Smith who also was let go by the Ticats.

This, certainly, surprises me:

Wow great news !
Fills a hole with a veteran and we can have Gibbon learn behind him.I am sure Masoli is releaved This enables us to play another import elsewhere as Van Zezl is a national and ratio buster.
This could trigger the realease of national DE Westerman and his,220k salary against the cap and then go with import Tracy at that DE spot with Maudlin challenging for a spot.
Or cut Mike Jones as I am sure he got a big raise and go with all import receivers…Sure gives us some options.
All we need is a running back now. It will likely be another Argo cut of Terrel Sutton or James Wilder as the Argos won’t kerp both. My guess is they cut Wilder and we sign him

Congrats to the Ticats management for making such a smart and quick move.

Someone else said in a another thread that Tasker and Westerman re worked their contracts today. Maybe that is what gave the Tiger-Cats cap space.

That is good news because I want to see if Westerman can go back to his old self and play like he did previous years when he was an all star. Imagine the line of Westerman, Laurent, Wynn and Davis with Adrian Tracy and Connor McGough rotating in there at times.

With the cats picking up Chris Van Zeyl we have a replacement for the loss of Ryker Matthews. I’m still going to miss that guy though. He was a beast!! I really hope Jesse Gibbon shows off his great talent and wins the Left tackle position…

Imagine that…

Jesse Gibbon (LT)
Brandon Revenberg (LG)
Mike Filer (C) Backup: Mathieu Girard
Darius Ciraco (RG)
Chris Van Zeyl (RT)

With Jalen Saunders gone and Mike Jones having a great year last season and hes a national and we don’t know what Shamawd Chambers is going to do this season, i WOULD NOT get rid of Mike Jones.

I would love to see an All Canadian Offensive line. The Canadian depth on this team is the best I’ve seen in years.

Good pick up. And great that he’s here before the start of camp. Solidifies a key position with an experienced Canadian starter. Excellent insurance policy for Masoli’s health. And as other fans have said in this thread, could be avaluable mentor for Gibbon going forward.

You can never have enough Canadian starters, or Canadian O-Linemen.

The two year deal makes sense: he can nowhelp propel this team into next year’s Grey Cup, which is hosted by Hamilton at THF.

Van Zeyl was a right tackle with the Argos . If the Cats are paying him starter money, then he is our newright tackle, replacing Ryker Mathews . Every Canadian starter needs a Canuck backup . As mentioned earlier, that player is probably Jesse Gibbon. Girard covers the centre and guard spots.

There would be 6 American tackles vying for the left tackle spot in camp, perhaps . There will be some interesting jockeying of players and positions but in Orlondo I trust.

Depth Canadian OLine players likeOkafor, Golding, andEverton Williams will probably be on the practice roster.

Getting all the players in the right places is a fascinating exercise . I don’t envy the coaches’ task. :slight_smile:

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

To me this signing means no need to have a National start at DE.

Go with the best rookie Import DE and save the $$$ for any other future transaction required.

Great move. OL has never been the same since the Bomben tragedy.

great pick up. Coach O is definatly putting his stamp on the roster.

But in saying that, If Jamaal Westerman goes back to his old ways and starts looking amazing like he did in past years how do u not put him in with Wynn, Laurent and Davis on the front line.

He is surely a good fit to the team. Good decision by the coach.

Spoiler Alert

For prior poster Grey Cup is in 2021 not next year…but we still hope he is around