Valuation of the Als

Has there ever been a credible valuation of the franchise?
Any speculation within the media there on what might be the value?

Some info about the Argos a few years ago. CFL franchises can't be that valuable... I'm not sure about the TV deal, but ticket revenue is probably one of the bigger revenue generators, I would assume. The Alouettes don't own Molson Stadium, so the value won't include the stadium. I'm not sure about the details of the lease agreement with McGill (or Canadian GAAP), but you could probably capitalize the lease and include it in the valuation.

Let's say the Als average 25,000 in attendance on a year-to-year basis. You could take a weighted-average of ticket prices and come up with a figure for annual ticket revenue. Subtract the yearly operating costs, and I have a bad feeling that you might be in the red.

The value of the franchise is probably entirely in "goodwill," Wetenhall probably isn't making any money.

A corporate entity is perhaps the most likely to consider a goodwill purchase; unless Guy Laliberte, David Azrieli, Jean Coutu, Paul/Paul Jr./André Desmarais OR Joey Saputo is a HUGE fan of the Als/CFL (5 richest people in Montreal).

But Bell owns the Argos, so they're out; unless they want to go all David Braley. Rogers and TVA are the other media options but with he TSN/RDS television deal they make no sense. May come down to the Habs, or a subset of their ownership consortium, which could lower the cost of selling tickets/advertising/promotions as the prime sales seasons don't overlap; it is what the Rouge et Noir and Ottawa67s do.

15 years ago there would have been a few interested buyers. 9 to 7 years ago less but some. Today I don't think there is one individual who would be interested, at least not locally. Your basically buying a bunch of football helmets in a cube van.