Valberg cut

According to his twitter “going home sooner than anticipated”

Oh god, we're not relying on Nicolson are we? Please tell me we're not :?

That means Obie has someone else in mind or Nicholson and Stella Bauhman will be the Non Import Wide outs

Don't Forget about Matt Carter

Apparenlty Valberg is back.

Didnt they just cut him. :? Has Obie been wearing that new head cam. :oops:

He was wearing #80 today. Was open alot and caught 3-4 passes, everything thrown at him.


I think Obie has been down hatching to much Gator Aid again. :oops:

They better show this kid some respect, was a monster in the CIS. would be foolish not to give him a serious shot. I watched him play for Queens, made plays that looked like nothing into something huge.

They cut him on the 5th and brought him back? Why did they cut him to begin with then?

Somebody was asleep at the wheel when that happened, was a huge mistake letting him go. They didnt call him Hugeberg for nothing at Queens. Glad to see him back.

I don't believe they ever had a spot for him coming into camp ... and never took a serious look. Sent him home after two days. It's tough on a kid who has been working his ass off believing he was going to get a fair look only to be discarded at the outset. Now they ask him to come back for what? To fill a hole for a few more days before kickin' his butt down the highway again? Why wouldn't you keep enough receivers in camp to cover the inevitable injuries which occur? How do you build a team treating good young men like this.

Wonder what they will do when they find out he can actually play at this level (and if you don't believe he can, go watch any of Queens playoff games last year)?

He was on the field today. See my post above.

Yes, I understand he is back in camp. My point was just the seeming illogic of having him show up pretty well uprepped, sent home and then brought back ... and now has missed a good portion of training camp. In terms of helping young players develop and ready themselves for a shot at the CFL the process doesn't make sense. I was reading in the Globe about Valbergs buddy Danny Brannagan and (the dreaded) Argos. He had been throwing with some of the team in the spring and according to the article, working with the QB coach to improve his mechanics and other aspects of his game. It feels like he is getting a fair shot even tho he is also a long shot to make it.

I was surprised that Valberg's teamate Chris Ioniddes (sp) was released early in Winnipegs camp. He too looked good last year in Queens run to the Vanier Cup...

Its sad but some fine young receivers will be cut that's the part of training camp I find difficult. Getting cut once is hard but twice. :roll: