Val Belcher - Big Easy's

I just wanted to let everyone know that a new restaurant has recently opened in Ottawa by Val Belcher, a former Ottawa Rough Rider, called “Big Easy’s”:

We stopped in to try it out and the food is fantastic!. Val himself even stopped by our table to chat a little bit and talk eventually shifted to football (of course).

If you’re a resident of Ottawa, or simply visiting from out of town, I highly recommend a visit to Big Easy’s.

NB: Big Easy’s is not officially endorsed by the real Tony Gabriel :wink:

Very nice! I might still suggest that a bunch of us go there after a GG’s game or some such. Thanks!

I have been trying to find out if there is a favorite place in Ottawa to watch CFL games. Does Big Easy's have a good spot to watch a game? I went to Local Heroes one night, and they couldn't even turn on the sound, they said it would interrupt other people watching some other sport! Where is everyone going to watch CFL in Ottawa?

Which Local's did you go to? I've found the one on Bank street pretty accomodating, but the one on Clyde bends over backwards for the hockey crowd.

I was at the Heroes on Bank St. I didn't press the point much, I'll push them harder for volume the next time.

Big Easy's is definitely NOT a sports bar-type of restaurant, although there are a couple of TVs over the bar that are usually tuned in to sports channels. Thank Val for keeping them tuned to football :wink:. The last time we were there one was tuned to a CFL game and the other was tuned to an NCAA game.

Big Easy's is more of an upscale-casual dining restaurant. If you click on the link you can get a look at the menu.

Sports-bar wise, I always liked Local Heroes (owned by yet another former Ottawa Rough Rider - Mark Kosmos). They are very accommodating with volume and switching channels (within reason of course).

Has anyone ever tried Johhny Canuck's out in Orleans?

I always meant to try it out, but haven't gotten around to it yet. I know of a few people who have been there. They liked it, but didn't rave about it.

Another place we tend to visit sporadically is Philthy McNasty's out in Kanata before/after Ottawa Senators games:

It's like a big warehouse but the food is pretty good.