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Tune in to V.I.P. SportsWeb today at 1pm (est), for NHL and NBA championship talk, baseball and much more! Also have our special guest, The Montreal Gazettes Al's insider, Herb Zurkowsky, to talk about the Montreal Alouettes training camp and roster! and don't forget to call in! Voice your opinions on the bruins, the Mavs and baseball! Or call in with your questions!!


Can't use plugins
When I try the Standalone player
It asks for a user name and password
What gives?

Maybe they are keeping you out . Bwwahahhahha :lol:

Maybe one day you will become sentient
In either case...I rather doubt it!

:roll: :lol:

Maybe one day you will get a sense of humor. Haven't read sentient used since Star Trek Next Generation 8) Cute...
But I will make a real effort to work on that at my next Yoga class. I'll even set my mat behind a large one, so I can concentrate better :wink:

My point exactly


BTW tried with IE, Firefox and even with my MAC nothing worked just sits there searching for media.

The server went down today, the reason why no-one could get in. So due to technical difficulties, V.I.P. SportsWeb did not air live. The show WILL AIR TONIGHT at 9pm (est), with our interview with The Montreal Gazettes Al's insider, Herb Zurkowsky! Tune In!


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