V.I.P. SportsWeb with PETER DALLA RIVA!

Tune in to V.I.P. SportsWeb Monday, August 22nd at 1pm (est) as we will be having a very special guest. Former #74 tight end and wide reciever for 14 years with the Alouettes,THE LEGEND, Mr. Peter Dalla Riva! Tune in to find out about the life and career of a Montreal legend! Tune in on www.vipinternetradio.com
If you miss the show, it will be replayed at either 9 or 9:30 (est) and also archived at 12:00 midnight. Don't miss this!

On a side note, if there was one thing you wanted to know about Peter Dalla Riva, what would it be? Tune in to hear your question asked!