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Well maybe this is premature for the season, but not the game but does it look like the bombers need something more?

What I see is a bomber team with no heart, Stegall/Glenn Hype NOT. Now We need a little more, hats off to The Riders (never thought i would say that). If this keeps up we will be fighting just to make the playoffs.

As I say that i am watching the game from home, 12 beers gone another 12 to go so here is what i say.

  1. Bombers need a no Offensive Co-ordinator
  2. Bombers need a starting QB (sorry Kevin)
  3. Bombers have to stop the stupid plays (re: onside kickoff at start of 3rd)

Mike Gibson has done nothing with this offense the last 3 games including this one, there are no plays but the obvious, CHANGE IT UP MAN!! We need a new spark from the coaching side.

Kevin Glenn is still injured or not, who knows? But it is time to start searching for a REAL STARTING QB wheter that be molding our 2 back-ups for next year or VIA trade (Printers was cut by KC) Why not go for his rights?

Anyway's what we are doing is NOT working, and we need a change one way or another. Tell me your thoughts fellow BB fans!!!!

NOTE: I am still a true blue fan for life and i will be at the Banjo Bowl as I am every game.... give me your thoughts!!

...i've already posted mine... :thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

I won't watch the last quarter. I was real excited with Berry when he was hired but now it looks like we have another Daley. I don't know if I can to watch this anymore.

Would it be too much to ask to hire a coaching staff that does not have a problem with Charles Roberts? We had three 2andOuts in the first half where Roberts didn't touch the ball. The team is devoted to having Daley as head coach apparently. Why not just trade Roberts for a proven quarterback who can shoot out the lights like Berry wants? Charlie doesn't seem to have a future in Winnipeg.