Uteck Bowl on TSN

At the half...Mac 31...Acadia 14.

It would be awesome if both Hamilton teams could win this week and move on to their respective finals. I must admit...I've never been a follower of CIS but has this ever happened before? A CFL and CIS football team from the same city move on to the finals at the same time.

Great game, and great performance by McMaster so far.

Hope they continue and this Hamilton football winning streak continues into Sunday!

To answer your question:

The university of Manitoba (based in Winnipeg) and the blue bombers did it in 2007.

Edit: those two also did it in 2001

There is still a lot of time remaining in this game, (Mac and Axemen) but Mac is looking good for the win.

It would be great to see two big Hamilton wins this weekend. (10 Minutes remaining in the 3rd quarter).

wow.. that QB Quinlan can both throw and run......

He sure can. Aside from the armpunt he threw at the end of the half, he has played very well. Two TD passes, a rushing TD, 300+ passing yards, about 60 rushing yards… and the 3rd quarter isn’t even over yet.

I guess the time Quinlan spent at Ticat training camp earlier this year could not have hurt.

38-14 Mac. Hard to believe it was 14-0 Acadia to start, about midway through the 1st quarter.

Typical Hamilton style.. Mac gives up some big plays....lol

LOL.. the receiver sitting on his ass.. a perfect strike for the completion from the Acadian QB...... too funny

They did have to gamble on 3rd and 5 there. And that led to first Acadia TD since 1st quarter.

But that other team from Hamilton did well at this stadium in Moncton earlier this year.


504 net yards with 189 rushing for Hamilton and it's only STARTING the 4th Q.... LMFAO!!!!

Well, Mac's offence is quite good. There's a lot of talk about how good Quinlan is. And Mike DiCroce, that Hec Crighton nominee and Bishop Ryan grad.

LOL.. more rushing yards AND a TD... the O does look dominant BYF!

Yep. Fiftyburger on the grill for team from Hamilton visiting Moncton again?

Do you think Quinlan is the next Sinopoli BYF?... does he get drafted?

Also the Eskimos and Alberta Golden Bears in 1980.

One thing Quinlan already has in common with Sinopoli is that both spent time at Ticat training camps. I think a CFL team may give him a chance.

And that quick kick from him was interesting to see.

lol yea.. I thought to myself.. 3rd and 6 and they are going?? with a lead like that??.. then saw him kick

that's something they've done a few times now

My 1st time watching Mac this year JFL

One team from Hamilton has punched it's ticket for Vancouver, now we just need the other...