Uteck Bowl: Calgary Dinos vs Saint Mary's Huskies

Any predictions?

calgary and queens for the vanier cup

all dinos!!!

This could get bad. Wow, Calgary Dinos versus Queens Golden Gaels in Quebec City. Wont be fun for Laval to have to watch…

Also quirky fact, but each of the four semi-finalists jersey brand is different

Queens- Addidas
Laval- Nike
Calgary- Under Armour
Saint-Marys- Reebok

I'd love to see Glavic given a chance bt the CFL. This kid and Walters both look like amazing talents.

should be a designated spot on the roster for a Canadian QB.
Too bad for St. Mary's but I like the QB's poise.

Laval is starting to slip, not the huge powerhouse they were as of late.

You may be right Earl. But I think that is a good thing for CIS football.

More entertaining and better for football in general if more schools start to close the gap on Laval.

Agree Geroy, people were starting to say the Rouge boys were semi-pros but they aren't that great afterall, which is a good thing as you say.

queens has a mean team, about the jersey types i love the underarmor jerseys...but i just love UA everything lol go dinos! thats going to be one hell of a game :smiley: