USports Vanier Cup playoff format vs CFP

There's something to be said about USports and their strange and unbalanced bracket for determining the Vanier Cup champ -- Alabama would NOT have faced another SEC opponent in the CFP if the bracket was comparable to USports.

Georgia would not have had another chance.

All of the SEC postseason participants would have been placed into their own bracket whereby only one SEC survivor would play some other league bracket winner even if the bracket was unbalanced.

Kudos to USports.


Different league in a different country

I think you meant to say "Different country, different tradition."

Even though props to George for winning the National championship, they had no business in the College Football Playoff as they did not win the SEC Championship.

The College Football Playoff needs to have a better format in which a conference championship win actually means something instead of being in the top four.

And Notre Dame needs to be part of a conference on a full-time basis.

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America and Canada are two different outfits

No Alabama wouldn’t have played Georgia.

We get treated to the annual _______ (insert conference here) beating the snot out of the AUS in a national semifinal game. That’s MUCH better.

Who needs excitement when you have the predictability of a severe beat down of a game that’s over after the first quarter. If anything screams “ must see TV” (even though it’s U Sport so who’s kidding who it’s probably not going to even be on TV) it’s that. Yup we’re a spoiled bunch up here when it comes to football :football:….

That's where the Northern 8 proposal comes in to address that competitive imbalance.