USports Football 2022

I'm still filled with loathing, disgust and anger today with the Mustangs losing to Laval again.

I'm wondering though. The announcer on CJBK Radio London said that the Mustang players were running directly to the heater at their sideline after they got off the field. Wtf? Heater? In balmy London in November? Is Coach Marshall somehow unaware that the greatest football coach of all time, Bud Grant, didn't allow heaters on the sidelines for his team because he wanted to keep his players' minds fully focused on the game? When you saw the Winnipeg Blue Bombers or the Minnesota Vikings standing on the sidelines in their long cloaks like icy giants while their opponents huddled miserably around their heater, you knew which team would tough it out and win in the crunch. (In fact it was the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and their long time rivals, the Edmonton Eskimos, who introduced the tradition of bare arms for the linemen in frigid temperatures. "What you call this cold? You must be some sissy boy from Texas or Florida. Here in Canada we're rugged enough to play when the temperature dips below zero."

Well yesterday it certainly wasn't the Mustangs who were able to tough it out till the end. And that's on Coach Marshall.


Incidentally, did anyone notice whether Laval had a heater on its sideline?


Hey, we still have the Shrum Bowl to look forward to, too.

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This could be magical.

Itโ€™s not being held in Colorado by any chance?

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Getting close to a sellout?

That's good to hear.

UBC over SFU.

A Canadian bias from meโ€‹:sweat_smile::joy:



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Likely some future CFLers on this list:

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Our 2022 Hec Crighton winner:

Kevin Mital led the country in both receptions and yards, with 58 catches for 751 yards in eight games for the Laval Rouge et Or. The 23-year-old from St-Hubert, Que., made 12 touchdown catches this year, which set a new program record, tied the OQIFC/RSEQ mark held by Rob Harrod of Ottawa (1998) and Alexander Fox of Bishopโ€™s (2013), and tied for the sixth-highest single-season total in U SPORTS history.

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Can't wait to see if he can crack the Elks roster this year.

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I wonder if he'll be as good as Fantuz at the pro level.

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Vote for Canada West play of the year.

I voted the Mimbs TD, but Kubongo's TD return is right there too.