USports Football 2022

I missed that the East-West game was on earlier today, but it's on Youtube now:

@DaveDaHammer This is about as good as USports streams have been in recent years. It's not big-league, but it's not too bad.


Thanks for posting. I'll check it out on my days off

Sounds like they're making the game a week-long event with a combine for scouts.

The Vanier Cup this year will be played in London, home of the defending champs.


And as Gomo pointed out in the BC subforum, the Shrum Bowl is back after a 12-year absence.

It'd be great for this event to open the door to SFU returning to USports. They've really been out-gunned in the NCAA. USports games would allow their team to be more competitive.

“The B.C. Lions organization is excited and proud to help spearhead the return of an outstanding football tradition for our province,” said Doman.

“A major pillar of our brand is the support we give to all levels of amateur football. Putting our name behind the Shrum Bowl revival and watching the next generation of great SFU and UBC players pursuing their professional dreams will be an exciting addition to our growing football calendar and provide yet another outlet to honour the great history of both schools’ football programs.”


The Grey Cup should have been on the 27th instead of the 20th.

Hopefully it's only because of the World Cup.

Any news on the 2023 Grey Cup?

About time. A friendly rivalry.

Not sure if it's bigger than the Panda Game.

Maybe the Vanier should have been on the 20th instead. Or 19th.

I don't expect it is, but if it's maintained and promoted for a few years then maybe it could be.

And have teams play a 6 game season?

That won't fly.

3 conferences have odd numbered teams.

Canada West starts Labour Day weekend with Thanksgiving weekend off.

Both seasons need to end on the final Sunday of November for both parings to work.

Just start the season a week earlier, like USports soccer does.


Only Ontario starts earlier because they have 11 teams and have 6 of them going to the playoffs.

Besides would starting earlier give them more coverage? Doubtful.

Starting earlier would allow them to coordinate with the Grey Cup. I think that would get them more coverage, and allow students more time to concentrate on finals after the season ends.


Having both of them at the end of November is just as a win-win like it was 2011-2012 wouldn't it?

I would be okay with an earlier start if they (universities) are able to play a 10 game season so they can develop.

End of November doesn't give the students as much time to study for exams.

Sure they do. Time management is a skill they should be good with at this time of their academic career.

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In that case, they should be able to manage their summer schedule easily enough to fit in an early start.



Heh, and on that note, it's come to my attention that the Dinos and Thunderbirds will be playing an exhibition game on August 24 in Vernon, in the first Kalamalka Bowl.

I'm hoping this will be an annual event that leads to a USports team based at UBCO.

That might be too much for them :rofl:

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Wow. Did not know about this event. More communities should involve themselves in events like this. Hosting a U Sport game is much, much easier than hosting the CFL.

Would love to see the Canada West expand to the Kelowna area. Seems like a perfect market for U Sport.

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