USport at it Agan

Did these fools really schedule their baseball championship at the same time as the NCAA is staging theirs?

So not only did these idiots schedule 2 of their “major”championships (basketball, and hockey) on the same
weekend as each other, which is plenty stupid on its own, (splitting your already small audience in half).
BOTH NCAA and USport semis are going on at the exact same time.
Plus U Sport hockey championships are tomorrow too. Both championships go both head to head with each other, and both sports are up against March Madness.

Then BOTH hockey and basketball championship games are on Sunday.

And we all know how they managed to screw up football when they had instant money handed to them on a silver platter.

Seriously you couldn’t be be more inept if you tried.

When it comes to sport in this country, do people just become blatant morons the moment they cross over the border?
Something in the water? The maple syrup?
If you tried explaining USport actions
To an outsider they’d probably say you were lying or exaggerating because they’d say a toddler can figure this stuff out.

Well, USports is amateur, collegiate sports. It's not a business.

It sure isn’t. Or at least they don’t seem
to treat it as one.
But even so, there are T-Ball leagues out there that are better run.
The organization identifies enhancing their brand as one of their goals, yet they seem to do everything in their power to shoot themselves in the foot at every opportunity.

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Does seem like weird scheduling I will say but I think the no. 1 priority is academics for university in Canada so there may not have been many choices here as the school year winds down.

Maybe they should run it like a business.

The Academics are there already. Enhance the sports programs to keep Canadian athletes from leaving to go to the US.

Canadians helping athletes?

Oh no we can't let this happen


They could make it a business if they offered full ride scholarships and focus it on it's Hockey, Football and Basketball programs. Increasing the quality of the play making USPORTs gaining a better TV contract


Education has become a huge business and honestly should have nothing to do with athletics but too many great jobs with big pensions to not do sports. Once again they are trying to emulate the American way.

Junior football should theoretically be the step below pro but they can't compete with the taxpayer subsidized universities.

Having University sports on a national network might help with recruitment of students and student-athletes.

Sorry for this reply going on a slight tangent, but what's the "pecking order" in USports? What I mean is, who gets the most exposure?

To me it seems NCAA works out as:

#1 Football
#2 Basketball
#3 Baseball
#4 Volleyball
#5 The "regional specialities" (e.g. the Northern states following for ice hockey, water polo in Hawaii and California)

then the rest of the "non-revenue" sports fighting for attention (Lia Thomas effect notwithstanding).

So, USports would be what - hockey top then football, with basketball in third?


The answer is none of the above.

Academics is priority one. The rest is just that sport.

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So the closest equivalent (in North American terms) would be NCAA D3 and lower?

As in, sport is purely something extra-curricular, no scholarships, no disproportionate funding, and any media exposure you might receive (featuring in a championship game, for instance) is just a nice bonus?

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So it's spelling bees debates and trivia contests like "Reach For the Top" then, eh? I guess they could dig up Alex Trebeck to host

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Anyone catch the basketball championships? I didn't, but lots of people are calling it the best game ever.

Huge comeback in double OT for the Ravens men's team.

Wanted to catch it, but missed it completely.

Surprising given that great marketing effort put behind it

I'm rather disappointed that I missed it, now that I've read the hype about how the final game played out. Maybe next year.