Using your weapons

I was getting ticked off watching how little they were using Lumsden in the first half of the game. At the time of his injury, well into the 2nd quarter, I think he had five touches. We'll never know what it would have ended at,but it looked to me like they were not going to be anywhere near the 20 touches he needs. Just another example of not using the talent on the field.

Another example of not using your weapons. Having Preachae Rodriguez running around in the flats catching balls 2 yards short of the first down marker.

You guys are right.

I was thinking exactly the same thing watching the game.

Maybe I am out to lunch, but in all my years involved in football, on offense, your best players need to have the ball and your game plan must involve them.
For this coaching staff follow the simple rule KISS (Keep it simple *******)
Bring in a high school playbook,,,it has to be more effective than what I see out there.
Start using a 2 back set, less shotgun, stop handing the ball off 6 yds in the back field,
quick trap plays, pitch, shovel passes, draws,creating some diversity in the running game.
Whatever happened to taking a 7yd drop and passing the ball downfield 10-20 yds.?
I will stop cause I am rambling although I could go on forever.

Absolutely! Give Lumsden the ball until they stop him. Don't do the defence a favour by not handing it to Jesse. We're a great running team, let's run more! (Conversely, we're a bad passing team, so maybe we should pass less.)

Between Jesse, Tre, and Caulley, run them until they're blue in the face. They are all very good running backs, so let's pound the ball at the defences. Taaffe, if you want to use tight ends, that's fine too. The small linebackers on the other teams will wear down from the constant pounding of our running game. Run! Run! Run!

Great points. Problem is our coaches dont have a clue.

^^^^ the problem is teams are stopping Jesse which is why we aren't using him. Teams are loading up against the run and keeping the safety down low.

The main problem is we are not making them pay for that, we have to start throwing vertically down the effin field to get teams out of that defence. We have the tools in the tool box to do that, unfortunately Charlie has a system and the players don't fit his system and he's too stuborn to change it. He's trying to use a hammer as a screw driver and a screw driver as a wrench.

I've listened to many successful pro coaches give speaches and the main thing that's consistant with all of them is that they preach that you have to adjust your playbook to the talent you have. You have to find the right system for the talent available to you, Charlie does not do that.

I agree. We did it in the Saskatchewan game - it was pass pass pass and stretching them to get the defense to back up. Then Jesse started to get the touches and had a great game. If you're going to dink and dump all game the run has no chance. On top of that your qb gets pounded because there is no fear in them and they send 7 guys at him because even if he gets the ball off it's going to be a 5 yarder anyhow.

Teams are catching on to the fake to Lumsden/QB keeper play.A number of times in the Montreal game,Jesse should have been given the ball because there was room to run,instead Williams kept it and turned right into the path of a blitzing LB.Teams will gamble on that now because we run that play so often.I was impressed with the Eskimo crossing patterns they ran against us,all night long and I also saw that they had success with that against BC.We could go on and on.This offence needs to be re-evaluated.

Drexl wrote: ".....I've listened to many successful pro coaches give speaches and the main thing that's consistant with all of them is that they preach that you have to adjust your playbook to the talent you have. You have to find the right system for the talent available to you, Charlie does not do that."

Drexl: Thank-you. Exactly.
Now we are getting to the heart of the problem.
When I read a piece in the Spec yesterday with Charlie talking about stuff like "comfort zones" for this team, I started wondering. I think Charlie is a process guy. I think he has a concept for this team akin to the Waltons..."go out and have fun kiddies, isn't this all so lovely". Same with his player rep meetings that he started. He has this image of a team that executes his plan to perfection because thats the only way things can work. There is no place for individual effort within the "plan." Why else would Zeke Moreno have to play his position and not do what he does so people down. No wonder we were all puzzled about Zeke's let-down recently. Why do we hardly ever see Terry Caulley, Pat Woodcock and in one game even Jesse not getting ball enough. Charlie tries to out-think the other teams not realizing that they have been on to him for a long time. They know he will stick to some unreal game plan no matter what. Talk about making it easy for the opposition.

kiss method

lets keep is simple

we have an injured running back and no passing game

we have little defensive presure

terrible "zone coverage"

what works for us?

setta's doing great
smith is coming around

major things we can tackle first

1 ) we need to establish a pass game, if 4 recievers dont work, knock it down to 2.

1.1) williams needs time to throw the ball, lets teach our RB's how to block and who to block.

1.2) our recievers need the same training, get them back to blocking, those pass to the flats that kiss us every year would work with a little help from a friend. maybe get them playing with their hearts.

  1. defensive presure, we need some. what is it we need?
    DO we need more speed on the line?
    maybe more strength? motivation?

2.1) if we get no presure, then we have to rely heavily on our DB's and corners who are running all game. is it a position problem or an endurance problem? would man coverage work better until we get more presure

  1. we have a running game. but when teams know that we dont have a passing game; they can ease up and focus on our strengths, we need to develop a full offence. (this means every reciever CAN CATCH THE BALL, every man without the ball CAN BLOCK)

3.1 ) williams is a good qb. he needs to keep his relaxed state of mind on the field that he has off the field. so coaches, thats your cue, keep him happy.

and finally.

  1. stats - passing td's. sacks allowed. sacks for. turnovers.

every error the team makes hurts the teams confidence. taffee. get on these guys and teach them not to drop your football.

...and they need to play to "win", not playing "not to lose" Attitude is a big part of this game.