Using the ratio

I thought Coach Taaffe would be more adept at using the ratio to maximum benefit, but he seems so mired in habits he just can't adapt. Why do we employ an import fillback, who never touches the ball? Because he a good blocker? Maybe there should have been some consideration to using another import on the O-line, rather than throwing a rookie like Marcoux into the fire. We have a perfectly good Canadian fullback who has been a starter, and who should be able to contribute as much as the import currently in that spot.

And on the d-line, I think Wayne, Reid, and Bekisiak are all going to be solid players, but this team needed a stud import veteran to help out the pass rush while these young Canadians provided quality depth and gained experience.

Let Mariuz start at linebacker and that opens another import spot. He can certainly produce as well as the revolving door we have seen at that spot so far.

Really, does Dickerson bring more to the table than Radelain? I don't think so.

Has Glasper (or any other import) done much to think Mariuz couldn't do the same? No way.

Is having Cody at FS instead of Beveridge the best use of our imports in the secondary? Very doubtful.

Just more evidence that this coaching staff is clueless.

Canadian Fullback + Canadian Safety = 2 huge American hogs on the o-line

Right on - Taaffe is a greater speaker - not a motivator - his assistants - a pathetic bunch - The experiment should end -----

Bottom line is this--your imports have to be contributors, not projects. And there are just way too many projects among the imports on this team. Some you have to live with, like in the secondary, but some should never have happened and were not even necessary.

Makes me wonder if the OC looked at Dickerson and Radelein and said the import was a better player, and therefore should play. That's fine if the import is a much better player who will make a much larger contribution than the non-import. But in this offense, that can't happen as the H-back is almost exclusively a blocker. Radelein can bring as much to the table in that role, and free up another import spot to use elsewhere.

It's classic US style evaluation, but completely inappropriate in the CFL where you must juggle the ratio to get the best combination of players on the field.

I have been saying this all year ..Dickerson and Setta are 2 spots that shuld nto be imports . Also other spots where we have a comparable canadian shoudl nto be used as well like harden at lb instead of mariuz ..they still need a stud or two american on the d-line not hodges ...and they need a couple good american recivers to go with armstead ...until they fix the ratio and bring in good american talent then we are doomed ..start looking for a decent canadian kicker and put radlein in there and bring in some recivers and dlineman that have actually played in the cfl ........i mean we were better off with yeast and flick etc ...we have nothing for printers to throw to ...talman gardner was about the best i have seen ...maybe giv ehim a tyr ....also did anyne see what ahppenes to the argo offence when the otehr team pressure the qb ( BC ) ...LETS GETA AN AMERICAN RO TWO TO HELP MCKAY -LAUSCHER