Using our real names

Would you be in favor of the forum removing the anonymity feature and posters must use their real names? Would that improve the civility here.?

A few guys do it already and I wonder if there are downsides to this? Can you weigh in here Richard from the Als site? And the Als group who formed their own group I understand uses their real names in that setting. Do you find it helps in discussions ?

Nah, I would still be a jerk at times using my real name.

It is a little more civil in our private group because of the individuals involved, not necessarily because we use our real names.

Here I believe it is certain individual posters who trigger reactions.


is it a good thing to trigger reactions?

Yeah. Put our real names out there and you'd wind up back with the old, "I know who you are and where you live" crap that drives online commenters into anonymity.


One man's reaction is another's motto to live by. It's all subjective - the fun of social media.

how do they know if you use your real name?



I do use my real name . Its Bob O'Atetoo . Also my avatar is an old pic of me on my wedding day . :monkey_face:


But Mightygoose is my real name :wink:


Ask most women this question and you'll realize why using real names online is not an option for many, many, many people.


I am okay with first name, but my last name is very unique and anyone who wanted to "look me up" would have no trouble finding me.

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Do most women tv personalities , columnists and opinion writers use their own names?

Same for me. I’m the only one in North America, but Jon is my real first name.

I should add that when I originally signed on I didn’t give it much thought, but have an inherent resistance to having my real name on the internet, at least since the infamous incident involving bananas, small people, too much rum and a condom machine.


Yes I'm sure many on here would be fired if their employers read what they've posted

I'm retired, so there is that!

No you are a polite guy, Grover.

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Thank you!
:heart_hands: :handshake:

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…it’s Jingleheimer-Schmidt isn’t it?

Yes, I second that.

or it could be IREALLYDOKNOWITALL :slight_smile:

Johnny shows up at my door every now & then wanting to fire me, but other than that it's been quite civil.

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