Using Jesse

Was he forgotten or what?

Sure he was stuffed a few times, but stick with him, and sooner or later…watch out. 29 yard TD.

How about a screen pass or flare out, or a draw or two?

Remember when they lined him up way wide on the right side?

He was wide open. It took forever for a LB to come across to cover. Not only was it a perfect match up, the LB was so late going over they should have gotten the ball to Jesse immediately! I was so excited when I saw them lining up for that play, and phhhtt! Zilch.

They really do need to run a screen play more often, at least last year's playbook had that play and it seemed to work well as he's capable of breaking it.

Perhaps he is still hurt and they were using him as somewhat of a decoy.

Then use Tre on the screen.

Crash: Jesse said after the game in an interview that he was healthy going into the game and he was healthy at the end.

And Matt Dunigan told us in 96 that he could return any week...

And Maas was 100% after his umpteenth surgery.

Point is I dont believe athlete or team quotes when it comes to injury. Not saying he IS hurt, but im leaving room for the possibility.

Jesse had 10 rushes for 55 yards for a good average of 5.5 yards per carry.

Give him his 20 rushes and he would have been on pace for 110 yards. Also, keep in mind he gets stronger as the game goes on, so conceivably he would have more than 110 yards given 20 rushes.

We gave it to him early, They stuffed him and we pretty much gave up. Same thing we did in the Montreal game. Recipe for disaster. Give up on the running game early. And why can't we open a few holes for the guy. As others have already said: is it too much to get him the ball via a pass or pitch or maybe even a screen? We have the best weapon in the CFL and choose not to use it effectively. WE deserve to lose.

Use him!!!! Did anyone see a draw last night? How about a screen? One pass that got us a first down. Whoopee! Obvious to me that the OC and Head Coach DONT know how to use our effective weapons. Maybe they should watch the game film and see how the Eskimos used their backfield.

Crash: I thought Jesse looked real strong everytime he had the ball. Its the play that I questioned during the game. It was as if Edmonton knew exactly where Jesse would run.
So instead of being more creative...we don't give Jesse the ball. Figure out that logic.

The HC and OC or completly lost out their - I was sitting in the south stands the first half and sat in the north satnds directly above the team bench. One thing that I noticed " there is absolutley no communication " ay all between Charlie and the rest of his coaches. I beleave everyone has stopped listening to him. In short he ahs lost his audience......... Fire his A5# immediately.

Well i definatly agree with the fire charlie stuff, also last night i saw about 6 or 7 times jesse was left wide open for a little dump pass and nothing casey and Richie just looked away from him, it is a very simple thing Jesse is one of the best talents in the CFL and we have to do whatever it takes to get the ball in his hands, also I only saw one sweep to him last night and getting to the outside is his bread and butter. I can only blame this loss on again the worst coaching staff in the CFL 3 years straight our Ti cats.

You can look at it another way. Except for one play, Edmonton completely nullified Lumsden. That made for a lot of second and long situations which more than made up for the one long run.

That's Jesse though....the stats say he averages 7+ yards per carry, but that is a little deceiving.....he is more of a 2 yd, 0 yd, 3 yd, -3yd and then......bang......50 yards....

He is a big play guy. Every touch is a potential td even if he has been stuffed every time before......

I was even looking for a draw play on the second last play of the game....I know, we would have crucified our coaches if they called it and time ran out....but......he is our biggest threat to score from anywhere on the field...

Agreed, TommyBoy1.

Lumsden gets almost all his yards on his own.He hammers away or tests the outside until he finds usually takes a handful of plays then he starts getting serious yardage.
Why,last night did the Cats stop using him when he got his 29 yard run?Not one more run!His score put the cats up and it would have been the perfect time to concentrate on the run.

Handling him has been poor. I have written at least 5 times on these posts that last year the screen to Jesse was one of the few bright spots on the year. That play is apparently not in the playbook this year for Jesse or Tre Smith. Also we shouldnt give up on the run if the first 3-4 carries dont go anywhere. I am a Bears fan and when Walter Payton played he would go 1 or 2 quarters with making no yards then break 2-3 in a row.

Use him or lose him! Watchin the ArgoNOTS vs Riders and Wes Gates is being used in many different facets of their offence. Hello Marcel, sometimes you have to think out of the box. Use him or lose him!

It is baffling. This game was never out of reach. It's not the first time they haven't given him many touches though. I just don't understand it. Edmonton keyed on him but he only ran 5 times in the first half. GIve it to him a minimum of 20 times per game. This isn't a radical concept. Most starting RB's carry that much or more. He's not hobbled either. If he is and can only carry 10 times per game (which i highly doubt) then he shouldn't be playing. When Jesse carries 20 times they do well. I'm not saying he can't be stopped, but you can't stop him all day long. He did break a 29 yard touchdown and they should've really ramped up the running game at that point and stuck with it. He wears a defense down and he's a big play guy. Statistically, he's gotta break a 50 yarder sooner or later. He does it whenever he carries 15 - 20 times. I would commend any defense that can hold him to under 100 yards when he carries upwards near 20 times per game.

Just watch what sask is doing with Cates. If we did that every game, Jess would be pushing 200 all-purpose yards just about every game. You can't blame Jessie for leaving this team, they are not doing a lot to help his career.

IMHO one of the biggest issues is that we telescope that we're making a running play ... Jeff Piercy comes out EACH AND EVERY TIME we use Jesse to run ... we might as well put a flashing light on his head! No wonder Edmonton was keying on him.