Using Go Transit to Ivor Wynne

how do you get to ivor wynne stadium from Toronto using go transit? which is the fastest go bus route, and fastest go train route? Are there any good bars to stay at before kickoff?

when you leave the front doors of the hamilton go centre walk up hughson street 3 blocks to king street to the delta bingo centre theres a bus stop marked routes 1A,10 and ticat express it runs 2 hours before each game and show the driver your game ticket and its free it drops you off right at the stadium hope that helps

The Go bus from union to Hamilton Go Centre is the best one. It runs frequently and drops you very close to the ticat express as mentioned above. The Winking Judge which is just behind the Go Station is good (see how well Bill has me trained), but people usually tailgate before the game instead.

Take the Go train or Go Bus to the down town terminal on Hughson Street & Hunter.Walk two block north out the center of the Go Station (which is Hughson St)to King St E.,cross over King St on Hughson and walk another half block north to the #2 Barton stop or the #3Cannon stop on the east side of Hughson.

Get off at Melrose & Barton or Balsom....&Barton or Cannon st. & Melrrose or Balsom....

If you are coming all the way from Toronto, you should stop for a bite at the Attic for some pizza, and grab a cab from there.

It is worth it!!!

I would recommend the GO Express bus to Hamilton in off peak hours...that's anytime before 3:00 pm.

Otherwise check the GO schedule and get the fastest train in. I think there is one that comes directly into Hamilton. You will want that one.

Once at Hamilton GO, you can take the buses (HSR) or jump in a cab and say "Take Me to Ivor Wynne". If they ask where is that, say near the old Scott Park High School. The ride will cost you about $8.00 to $10.00. If there are 2 or more of you it's worth the money and quicker.

PM me if you have any questions as I take the GO to every game.


i was also wondering if there are any decent bars/clubs to visit after a weekend game?

To get a good feel for the Hammer nightlife I would recommend the Prince Edward Tavern on Barton Street.