Using electronics to interfere with the offense

What kind of penalty is that?

Did A.J. Gass zap Tee Martin’s eyes with a laser pointer before the snap, or what?

that same play was called with the bombers agaisnt Calgary last week…

I think you can choose that play in the “Mutant League Football” game for the old Sega Genesis.

Lol i loved that game!

Get this - the Riders got that penalty several years ago, at Taylor Field, because the band in the endzone was playing when Damon Allen was in the huddle. Nothing electronic about it, but they shouldn’t play the trumpet soooooo loud!

electronic intereference is the PA announcer screaming on the mic and pumping up the crowd when the offense of the opposing team is out of the huddle…in this case i dont think the PA announcer heard the whistle, i dont know what happened in winnipeg

in wpg we have a noise meter that makes a noise but a quiet noise and it trys to pump up the fans, and thats what they called us on

a little bit different, but remember when the als were accused of using advanced video technology to see the oponents plays last year. i remember in an interview, the don said, and i quote “I have so much video technology that if anyone on the other team is caught picking their nose, i can tell what color it is” what a wiener.

This penetily is dumb, I mean the refs can spot the game but don’t peneize the club for 10 yards! that is just silly!

BC got nailed for the Fanometer last year. You would think all nine clubs would have educated their PA and video people. Can’t blame the refs, if it’s in the rule book and the Visiting coach points it out to them, I guess their hands are sort of tied?

I think it’s a dumb rule also. That should be part of home field advantage, no?

I was at the game and both the pa annoucer and the scoreboard had stopped before the play was blown in. The crowd was just louder than at any other time and Steen ( the 2nd worst ref in the league) just assumed it was because something was on the scoreboard.

I have a brilliant idea:


Dear Wally,

Having seen the fan-o-meter get flagged two weeks in a row, I think you should get the PA guy to take one for the team in every home game. In Winnipeg and Edmonton, the fans were louder for the next 10 plays following the penalty. Think of the noise in the dome. What an advantage that would be.

Yours Truly,


I’ve got an idea. Get fans that it isn’t possible for them to become 10x louder because they are already so loud? Good idea?

or just forget about it because it is a stupid penalty