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"its eight-team league will start in spring 2014 and also have locations in Southern California, Texas and Louisiana."

sorry if already posted.

how is everyone feeling about this?
should the CFL be concerened? it will basically be a farm system for the NFL runnin March to June.

couple of questions
does it have a shot at making it?
should the CFL drop the import nonimport rule if this looks to take off?
how hot is it down south in June?

for as long as this new league is up and runnin the CFL will lose talent, maybe lose is the wrong word. wont gain talent makes more sense..especially in the QB DB department where its needed.

with them building 20-30000 seat stadiums maybe they should put a team in the GTA, share it with the Argos.

This is not really a threat we have not encountered before. I think the last time was the XFL. Remember "He Hate Me"!
We really don`t need to change anything IMHO.
Just stay the course. :smiley:

if the usfl couldnt survive with flutie and herschel, how do they think they will do without them?

This will never get off the ground.
End of story.

Do you want to play in a established league or one that will eventually fold.


Oh...another league?

What's the over/under on how many seasons until it folds like all the others?

Already missed their 2013 start date. Don't have owners for their teams, no stadiums in other cases and players will be under contract directly with the league which likely has no equity. Doubt it even gets off the ground.

Agree with that too.