USFL/WFL/WLAF/NFL Europa uniform week in the CFL!

I think it would be cool for one weekend in the regular season for the CFL to pick one team from either the USFL, WLAF or WFL and wear that team's uniform for one game...for nostalgia's sake.

It would be cool to see BC wear the Jacksonville Bulls uniform.

Calgary would look cool wearing the New Jersey Generals uniform.

Toronto should wear the Boston Breakers.

Montreal Alouettes should wear the Montreal Machine uniform (maroon).

Hamilton should wear the Denver Gold uniform.




Why would that be cool or nostalgic?

Since my Alouettes are red/white/blue they should wear the Birmingham Americans uniform.

Why relive something that had nothing to do with the League to begin with also that failed.

no thank you


no way

I don't think so




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I don't have a problem with the post itself, as it didn't seem to violate any of the forum rules. My reply was actually in response to the OP's suggestion. What I should have said was that I totally disagree with his suggestion. I don't see any reason the CFL would want to pay tribute to failed leagues of the past, American leagues at that.

Hard no.

For the love of God can somebody please stop this guy before he starts any more moronic threads ?:-X

Is it friggin' June yet ? I mean this season can't start soon enough just so we can clear out all the trash from all these off season dingbat like style threads . They are cluttering and clogging up this forum and making it basically unreadable and rather mickey mouse like to say the least .

Let's keep in on topic here.

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I don't mind a home game a year where the teams wear uni's from thier past. Not sure about wearing uni's from another league though. Doesn't seem to make a lot of sense since there really is no relationship to that defunct league.

Why? No one would recognize the uniforms. There's no connection to any of these leagues.

Check the resemblances of some of the old World League Teams. 1994 Ottawa Rough Riders and London Monarchs. Especially consider the American expansion teams. Disturbing.

Memphis Mad Dogs were Edmonton. Baltimore was Montreal and Toronto. San Antonio wore Blue Bomber gold. That was a weird time.