USFL uniform unveil!

Undecided about the Philadelphia Stars uniform mustard yellow idea. I might change my mind about it.

Tampa Bay (Bandit ball) doesn't look anything like Ohio State. That really bugs me. You would think the new USFL would honor John Bassett with exact replicas.


Ah, I comment on this one only because it's the off-season.

Here's an article with close-ups:

Houston has the best ones for the home.

Michigan wins for UGLY with Philadelphia not far behind.

Closest resemblance of some of them:

Birmingham - Florida State Seminoles

Tampa Bay - Ohio State Buckeyes (like you stated)

Houston Away - Atlanta Falcons


I will bet and guarantee they won't like it here in Philadelphia and they don't care.

The USFL website not only sucks, it does not even have links to the teams or schedules up yet.

Let's see how excited they get about football in Alabama in February on a Tuesday night.

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3 look like Calgary
1 like Toronto
1 like Montreal


Bandits is the best of the bunch.
Stars ranks at the bottom with Houston right behind.

My 2 cents on the uniforms, from best to worst:

-New Orleans
-Tampa Bay
-New jersey

I thought Pittsburgh uni was hideous

I feel like most of the uni are far too generic (eg New Orleans) and just do not look pro to me. The XFL had much better designs.

The 2 teams who had the most unique uniforms (Michigan & Philadelphia) I feel are the most polarizing
I actually like Michigan (but will pile on the hate for Philly)


I also only comment because it is off-season. Have absolutely no interest in the league.

Red, red and more red. I like the Houston and Michigan uniforms pictured above. Third from left and fourth from right respectively.

Ironically enough, of all the teams Philly may draw the best if/when they play in their home market. The original Philadelphia Stars were a big draw and had 50k people at their championship parade. The Philadelphia soul, especially pre-09 shutdown often led the league in attendance and television ratings. Their 08 ArenaBowl parade, which I attended, drew an estimated 25k fans.

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I might check it out.

Won't be like the genuine article (1983-1985).

We all have you know what to thank for the USFL being worth $3.76 at the end.

That check still hasn't been cashed. Where are they keeping it?


Actually I probably will watch a game or two out of curiosity, but won’t become a regular fan. That is largely because I am already a fan of many sports, including two football leagues. I am not retired and there is only so much time to watch sports. October is hell. I actually welcome sports downtime in order to catch up with other interests/responsibilities and am not looking to fill in those infrequent gaps. I am sure others are, or at least what these new leagues are hoping for.

Will watch it because it's football and it's a curiosity.

YouTube does have some old USFL games available if you're interested time permitting of course.


I am skeptical as the new team is Philly in name only
All games are played in Birmingham

They should have ditched city names and just called them Stars, Panthers, Maulers etc

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I hear what you're saying, but by that extension. All players who play for any city, that weren't born in that city, would be in name only.
Ex...Bo Levi Mitchell is a Calgary Stampeder by name only.

If I'm not mistaking, because of contact/travel restrictions, the hub city is for year one. Year 2 they will be extinct.....
sorry I mean they should play from their own stadiums.


But again that is the point
Even accepting the bubble concept there is no confirmation a team will relocate to the home city in year 2

So if the Philadelphia Stars move from Birmingham to say St Louis next season it becomes odd to say the least

Other leagues played in a bubble (eg FCF) and simply used team names
(So in your example, instead of saying Bo Levi Mitchell is a Calgary Stampeder, he is referenced as a Stampeder, no city name)


Tampa Bay Bandits look too much like the Memphis Showboats.

Big mistake not having identical Ohio State helmets with the rest of the uniform negotiable.


Away uniforms

Pittsburgh looks like the Frankfurt Universe of the GFL.

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Yuk, yuk and yuk.

Only half passable ones to my eye are 3rd from right and 3rd from left. Maybe far right too. Far left looks like it has been charged up with extra lives in a video game. Maybe they are going for the under 15 crowd.

The league lives and die as a virtual league. This was thought of back in the 1970s without having fans in the stadium (in addition to a best of three Super Bowl series) with just a network contract as revenue.

Without fans in the stands the location becomes wide open and it's brilliant to have all teams in the same city which eliminates travel. Just pipe in artificial crowd noise for the TV/online audience since there will be meager crowds in attendance (remember the local crowd isn't needed) to make the game more fun to watch virtually.

With city names added to the team names, that opens the possibility to grab fans in specific areas to watch virtually.

I am a little baffled the league doesn't go farther west with city names than Houston to get fans in those sections of the country to watch virtually.

At first I did not like the mustard colors in the Philadelphia uniform. Now...I kind of like it especially since it's a summer league.