USFL To Return?

USFL will return next March

We then told you that, no, it’s not an April Fool’s Day gag.

The four-letter football league recently announced that it will return to action next March, with eight teams and a 14-game season.

Hall of Famer Fred Biletnikoff will consult on football operations, according to the Associated Press.

It’s not a revival of the prior league, per se. The name as been purchased and it’s a new operation, with the league itself employing the coaches and the players — and with no effort to compete with the NFL. Instead, the goal is to provide a complementary, developmental, offseason alternative.

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Wow, another future soon to be dead football league in the US. I wonder if the boys over at Rogers are interested in getting a “world class? team in this league.

I don't know what to think at this point after four decades of failed efforts for spring football in the US.

All the same the junkie in me wins out, as the stretch from February through June is so long and the NFL draft just will not be as interesting any more but for perhaps in March and early April for the pro days and workouts when players elevate their status and the dark horses emerge.

Damn right I will watch, as it's the only game exciting enough to watch in town given I am no longer near as interested in basketball and soccer as are all over the TV in the spring otherwise.

And yes I know you all have all the hockey as one can have in hockey heaven, but other than the Olympic Hockey Tournament no thanks and no offence.

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Right on Paolo X and thus I hope the league does well for that matter; Salt Lake City will be my eye watch team.

I think they should pit the USFL VS CFL champs in a world Bowl.....That game would be interesting to watch even though the USFL would win in my book

I think that CFL teams could beat NFL teams any given day even though in general, NFL teams have more talent.

Upsets do happen .. but Earl you are dreaming

Earl is not dreaming.
Our rules we beat the NFL every time and their rules they will.
That is the reality but of of course it will never happen as the Americans have way too much to lose.

using a set of rules completely foreign to all, NFL teams will mostly win.

It would be great in my lifetime to see a home-and-away series between an American football team and a CFL team with the rules of each game as those of the home team. I'm probably just dreaming though.

CFL teams can compete agains’t NFL teams IMHO with CFL rules otherwise NFL will probably take most games, not all though, with NFL rules I’ll admit.

Okay, so it's a way off and I am dreaming more, but I think with enough time between games that actually an NFL team could play under CFL rules.

The hardest transition will be for the timing of the QB and receiving corps and for the special teams on kicks to not commit No Yards penalties, but otherwise with enough practise for also the other positions I don't see that much difficulty in adjusting to play under Canadian rules.

Again it's a ways off and I'm dreaming.

Maybe Toronto should try getting a team :lol:

The USFL hasn't signed a single player to date and you think that the USFL would win? Man oh man.

I think it would take more time for NFL players to get used to the size of our field than getting used to our rules. NFL game shape and CFL game shape are not the same thing.

...just like this "world class" franchise.. :lol:

Special teams who in the CFL could stop Devan Hester?I think a athlete would win on any field or any rules Canadian or American

I called it with the UFL...I'll call it here... Won't make it! :roll: