USFL looking to revive CFL southern US cities.

Birmingham, Memphis, and San Antonio are on the top of the list of teams that the new USFL will be looking to begin the first season in spring in 2014.
The CFL had the cities right as both Birmingham and Memphis has some interest even though it was a strange kind of football for them and with the CFL beginning in July the College football season started in the Fall about the mid way point dooming any interest at all.
The USFL however will be starting in the spring and the season will be over by the fall and college football season making it a nice warm up for the southern football crazy south before there big season starts.
San Antonio the only other of the US teams that did not completely collapse will also be able to use the USFL as a warm up to FBS college football season as after all of these years the Alamodome has a full time football tenant that was not from a starter league. UT San Antonio has made the move to have a football program to play in the conferance USA and be fully eligible for everything by the 2014 season. so far they have been around for 3 seasons i beleive and have had avg crowds ranging over 30,000 a game. Good for San Antonio, UTSA, and the Alamodome for finally bringing big time football to San Antonio and the Alamodome.

A spring/summer league would do good in America.I would watch it

If you are from Ohio that is another region that is on top of the list to receive franchise Columbus or Akron

a Columbus team would die an ugly horrible death (remember Ohio Glory from the WLAF?), no way you can compete against Ohio State

These leagues startup every few years by a group of businessmen and after a few years those same businessmen fold the league after losing millions of dollars. UFL is on year 4 and only 1 of the original markets remain. Other than being in the spring what makes the new USFL any better than the UFL? UFL had a TV package starting out and solid coaches and former NFL quarterbacks that weren't that heavily in decline. I saw an inaugural game in Omaha with Jeff Garcia at QB get 20000 in attendance at Rosenblatt. League still lost millions of dollars.

Spring football has a lot of believers and a lot of those believers have lost their shirt attempting it.

it all depends how greedy these leagues get. The first USFL was obvious. was a league started by agents for leverage in NFL slaries. Once they started snagging top top top draft picks the NFL started sharing nicely with the players. The Arena Football league lasted over 20 years. in the end th overspending again doomed it. when they kept things like anormal type minor league players evolved from the league for NFL and CFL but once players were able to make a good living there with players making ove 100K a year it was done. The UFL right plan but zero interest once the nfl and ncaa start, (Also attempting to charge the NFL a fee for a player from the UFL that was suicide) the CFL southern US expansion found that out. If the USFL can stay within the UFL salaries and set up and end before the fall it will succeed much like the early arena league did. keep it small and neat in regions that like or love football and have little else.
Ohio has two baseball teams. like baseball or not baseball is still a major player in the sports scene. Keep it in Birmingham, memphis, sanantonio Omaho, oklahoma city, with the UFL set up and cooperate with the NFL and it will be around.

Ohio is a huge market for football and we have the players and stadiums to field a team on our own.Theres more ohio college football teams than the whole CIS to be honest.We have the market and can use our in state talent to boot.

Akron or Columbus are the cities that are on the list of a possible team in Ohio and you are right their are some fantastic new modern intimate stadiums in both Cloumbus, crew stadium or Akron, New University stadium, if the plan is for the smaller imtimate 25-30 thousand seat stadiums.
Thats what may make the USFL attractive that they are planning for cities which have newer proper facilities

UFL may be on year 4 but they never finished year 3…lol … the-season They won’t last with only four teams and…oh yeah! no one watching…lol

As for this new USFL.. They were founded in 2009 and have yet to get off the ground. I don't see any good things for this league either.