USFL Announces a relaunch for 2022

But one of these two league will survive though. Once either league has finished it debut season, the Pandemic should be coming to a close

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I figure it's too soon to tell though of course the betting handle is driving more sports action than ever now, so it's a new landscape that will be at hand after the pandemic though I think it is going to be years more not merely months for the world.

I figure 5 years before most everything shakes out including supply chain troubles, and we are starting year 3 in a few months.

This virus is stronger than the Spanish Flu that took out 10% of the World population. The Spanish Flu lasted 3 years after WWI. We have better antibiotics, better hygiene, better medicine/science and the virus is mutating faster than we imagined.

You might be right with your 5 year estimation


The USFL is apparently getting a "significant" rights fee from NBC. While I don't necessarily believe it's anything special, if the USFL keeps costs low there's a chance the television money could cover payroll at least. While Spring football has mostly been miss than hit (Arena Football survived in some form for 30 years, even if the last decade they barely got by) this may be the 2 best chances its ever had. Fox has the war chest to run this league indefinitely if they wanted to, while Redbird has the capital and business acumen of operating professional sports entities. I can't see both succeeding in the long term, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. Maybe this is the time Spring football actually sticks?

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XFL would have made it last time without the pandemic imo.

People were watching and the play was improving. The one ownership model offers a high degree of control across the board which makes for a level playing field.

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I think you state your overall opinion excellently, but of course as you know I disagree with some of it including these two comments.

No, the best chances were long before a pandemic, raging anew right now as foreseen, including with the awful failed AAF experience of 2019.

A pandemic also affects attendance and viewership (fewer people watch games with empty stands and replacement players including most especially too).

Now is not the best time for a new business venture of any kind that is by nature also riskier than the average new business ventures with virtually all capital invested at stake for a complete and total burning loss.

Now it is true that those entities have war chests, but as NBC Universal encountered especially after making some terrible decisions lately, no business entity has an endless supply of capital let alone lack of investor scrutiny so as to afford endless losses.

Much like with XFL 1.0, which had plenty of capital behind it in 2001, when the early reviews are sour even the most confident and ardent parties become skittish and jittery.

To me this is just terrible timing for such a new venture before one even gets into the arguments for and against the underlying merits and objectives.

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The declining ratings do not back up your claim and that of others. It was utter crap. The next attempt here has to be way better pandemic or not so as to work.

AAF and XFL 2.0 as models need to be exploded and burned into oblivion already for those pushing that spring football agenda. Learn from the failures, but those were not sustainable and successful business models and of course all the proponents, like especially on Reddit, do the easy thing - blame the pandemic.

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Ratings were always going to go down, but even the worst rated network game was 40% higher than last weekend's MLS Cup, a league that nets nearly $100 million in tv rights fees. As for the quality of play, there are currently 25 former players on NFL rosters right now. Taylor Heinicke is starting for Washington and outplayed Tom Brady just a few short weeks ago. Donald Parham is catching TD's for the Chargers with his old Wildcats teammate Storm Norton blocking at offensive tackle. Not bad for a league that played all of 5 weeks.

But wait, we are going to insert MLS into this discussion now? Though I agree with you in that respect, that overpriced arrangement and its mixed results have nothing to do with spring football lest there is common ownership of any given team or they share a venue.


The point I'm trying to make is you don't need to draw gangbuster TV numbers anymore to get a decent network deal. MLS, NHL, and F1 are examples of niche leagues getting more for their money than what they're delivering in viewership.

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USFL is supposedly going to start signing players this week. Those who agreed to terms will be eligible for a draft scheduled for the last week in February with training camps beginning the first week of March. Filling eight teams full of players would mean 400-500 signings. Obviously, that means everybody gets the same contract. We should know soon what the terms are such as if they are getting paid and if so, how much.

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They get to fail again and blame the pandemic, and well, it will be three years we get to hear them bang the same old tired drum and tell us in 2023 "wait, it will work THIS time because all those spring football fans have been hiding for years even before the pandemic you know!" :roll_eyes:

Or even worse is that vast bunch of guys who, "Oh yeah! I am on Reddit, and I hardly watch the games and have never been to one, what if we made a few more rules changes, and hey, wait, I got some action on this game let me check the live-betting lines too!"

Seriously, it's a new league that I think is being based discreetly on far more revenue from the gambling potential, which leads into a far larger discussion and will be a bigger discussion post-pandemic.

I see already the remnant signs here in PA, a state will full-on legalized mobile gambling now not just sports, and all those token ads to court those with a problem (that they enabled easily because it's not Las Vegas or London UK).

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On the plus side, this looks like good work some young guys can get during a pandemic while they can get such work.

Well it looks like the dumpster diving has officially begun . It's hard to believe but one of the first HC announcements from this so called league is non other than the one the only Bart "Count Chocula" Andrus . :rofl: Yup , good luck with that New Orleans .

Without a doubt one of the absolute worst HC that the CFL has ever seen . If not top 5 than at the very least in the top 10 .

Believe me if Andrus is the best that this league can offer up well then we honestly don't have any worries about this fledgling league in the least .

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With coaches like that I do feel for the players that would end up playing for this guy.

The NFL dreams could be going up in smoke for some of them if they end up with him.


I don't know, maybe he just couldn't really adjust to the Canadian game but the Ottawa Gee Gees coaching staff hired him as qb coach and the guy must know something about football. ie:
"For the 2013 season, the St. Louis Rams added Bart Andrus to their coaching staff as an offensive assistant coach."

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Here in Philadelphia, when flipping on a morning local news as I hardly ever do, they made mention of the return of the Philadelphia Stars.

I figure the interest level in the USFL team here locally will be less than even that of the MLS team - the Union.

Behind the Eagles, Phillies, Flyers, and 76ers (arguable on that one), one could easily find more fans of probably four Premier League teams here than for either MLS or this USFL reboot.

Starting a new league in the midst of the woes of a pandemic is tragically awful timing, but they can always blame it again when they fail again right?

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I notice there that they asked what, but not who, as if one could have thought Bart Andrus was some new wild animal discovered in Australia and then announced to the world in yet another wildlife documentary narrated by that British narrator.

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Well it looks like the USFL has got some Popp to it :rofl: I guess we can just call it Popp Warner style football .

Here's more about "Popp goes the weasel" :laughing:

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