USFL Announces a relaunch for 2022

To your fine point and as covered more in the streaming thread, most audiences on streaming platforms now are watching dominantly only content produced since perhaps 2019 or so.

You don't need streaming to watch many old movies or re-runs when you have either watched on a cable channel or could just go to YouTube for years now.

And so the media companies are running up against record costs for content because most on streaming are demanding new and fresh.

Also I've noticed that now most content produced before the start of the pandemic in 2020 does not age well at all assuming it even holds up.

There are gems in the past, certain films certain series that are classics or new classics, but I find so often good riddance to so much of the rest that passed for regular viewing on cable all those years including almost all of those awful cable shows!

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And the battle plans are in place now with the schedule release by the USFL.

Check that first weekend with the full-on press by Fox!

All times ET
Game location in parentheses


Saturday, April 15
Philadelphia at Memphis (Memphis), 4:30 p.m. (FOX)
New Jersey at Birmingham (Birmingham), 7:30 p.m. (FOX)
Sunday, April 16
Michigan at Houston (Memphis), 12 p.m.
Pittsburgh at New Orleans (Birmingham), 6:30 p.m.

Starting Sunday Week 1, the strategy on start time is midday then evening games ET Saturdays and Sundays.

The overlap with the XFL should be interesting as well as the selected channel when it is not Fox broadcast with its in-house production.

That strategy continues until mid-May when it is midday games.

Except for US Memorial Day weekend, midday games continue until Sundays mid-June near the end of the season.


Interesting strategy with the prime time Saturday and Sunday night games - but I guess they have some data to work with over the last 5 years to work with in regard to Alt Football league broadcasts and the time slots - don't know if this works out for them or not but it is interesting none the less where they placed the games.

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Even though I don't care because I won't watch, I understand that part of the starting strategy with the midday and the early evening games around 7 or later.

The approach simply works to catch about half of those who are interested who always have stuff to do on weekends anyway for part of the day.

But except for Mothers' Day and the holiday weekend, it gets weird in mid-May when it's all daytime games!

It does not look like games played about half the time at night return until perhaps the playoffs.

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Dads With Young Children Demographic Football League Moves To Autumn Season

Well indeed beyond the now crowded spring football calendar, and normal starts to baseball leagues and other sports in the spring in almost the entire country, this change does make sense for the many who don't want to shell out or can't afford to shell out big for the NFL Game Day experience.

And now the same company Fan Controlled Sports will launch ..."Fan Controlled Hoops" this summer.
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Yes, perhaps most of you like me don't quite get the strategy or entertainment value, beyond a basic understanding of that new concept, either.

Or perhaps the mother of invention, known as Necessity because they can no longer get near as good quality of players not training otherwise for the CFL or NFL in the spring, ordered this "audible" and of course you know what happens if you even think of talking back to mama.

The NFL Game Day experience has never been more expensive, but there is so much else going on in the fall in sports and even more in the US in many places than in the spring.

This is still an odd move, but then again the weather is worse in more markets in November than in April.

(It was not always this way here in Philadelphia or when I lived in the Washington DC area, but in most years since about 2016 they are about the same with November usually with less precipitation than April, so I prefer much of November over April until the very end of the month after Thanksgiving Day)

We’re calling an audible with the schedule. While we had grand plans to run Season 3 of Fan Controlled Football in just a few months and then launch Fan Controlled Hoops Season 1 soon after, we have decided to switch the two and FCH Season 1 will come first.

This offseason we’ve been grinding through training so we can come back bigger and better than ever, with a new app, new site, new venue, new teams, more celebrity team owners, more players, more coaches, more things for the fans to control in FCF 3.0, and the tip off of a new sport in FCH.


I was super shocked at the NFL pulling the strings to get the hub in Detroit the NFL stadium to use. I was fully expecting them to use one of the other stadiums in Michigan like Eastern Michigan or the like. The NFL getting them the stadium in Canton last year and again this year certainly helps the USFL out. It was also interesting to see that Memphis got a hub - I wonder if this is part of the settlement for the USFL intellectual property copyright lawsuit? Get Memphis a team and throw us some cash and you can use the IP for the old USFL. The fingerprints of the "Godfather" are all over this league.


Excellent summary!

Via Netflix I highly recommend the documentary on the fall of the New York mob that was produced in 2020. It updates vastly the many prior documentaries, for which most produced prior to perhaps 2014 or so are considerably obsolete.

So why do I mention this example here?

Your post and our discussion on this "Godfather" front reminds me of a clip via Michael Franzese via his Youtube channel in which he answered a question, for now he's answering two questions by viewers per episode, about who was the real boss of one of the families.

This concept applies not merely to how organized crime does things and has done things forever. And government is no exception especially at the national level!

As Franzese answered the question for another family and for which there are other examples in the realm of American organized crime, the "Acting Boss" of that family was the infamous "Fat" Tony Salerno. The "Real Boss" was some other guy hardly anybody but the mobsters ever heard of before, but all the mobsters knew that was the "Real Boss" not "Fat Tony."

"Fat" Tony Salerno (i.e. Fox) would call the shots and be the public face. Whenever it was a more pressing or strategic decision or if there was any shred of doubt, "Fat" Tony always checked off with the Real Boss (i.e. the NFL) before acting.


Totally agree - this idea that Fox just out of the blue decided to get back into spring football without checking with the "Real Boss" is laughable. These two outfits have been doing business for 30 years together no way was Fox going to step on the toes of the "Real Boss" especially considering how much money the "Real Boss" makes Fox.


I could listen to Michael Franzese talk for hours - I used to catch him every now and then on the Jim Rome show. Dude was super fascinating as he would take you behind the curtain on the Mafia and now things work in New York and the Northeast.


@Paolo_X thanks for bringing up Michael Franzese - I just ferreted out about a dozen podcasts where he was the guest - downloaded them and those are what I will be listening to - thanks big guy


Aye for sure - I stop by his YouTube channel sometimes on night shift to check out a few of his episodes.

He has the real dish and dirt on any given number of topics especially on all the cover-ups, scams, cover stories, and nonsense in prior years.

Some of the same techniques are still used to fool the sheeple, but a new generation with different media, because they still work.

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Superb Owl's Jaunt

And so Suberb Owl was on duty today as I took my day off, and well it's humorous to see the USFL bunch really getting defensive now that the XFL is starting.

There are many factions including the one who is pleading for a merger, but of course Superb Owl reminds them they need to get rid of their trashy hub concept first.

Of course that XFL has to show well on its own accord.

Here is the short version.

The USFL Facebook page is quite the dumpster fire now.

Oh well, fun, fun, either something better is figured out for 2024 on top of any success, but it sure won't be more of this hub league by this trash USFL 2.0, or they can all explode and join all the others in Spring Football League Oblivion.


I listened to him one time years ago and he explained why he wasn't worried about the hit out on him. He went onto explain that the resources that would be needed to pull off a hit on the West Coast would be super cost prohibitive. He said this is not the movies, most people in the mafia are killed by people they know at meetings in warehouses or other dark places. He said he doesn't do those anymore. He also doesn't walk his dog the same time every day or have a routine that can be tracked etc. He also explained why the witness protection program works so well - he said that mob people don't drive through the suburbs of Atlanta, Fargo or San Antonio - there is a lot of USA to hide people in that mafia people will never visit in a million years. He is a great story teller.


I can vouch for this statement too given my previous occupation in residential real estate.

Indeed, for most of my active time from 2001 to 2015 I was amazed how empty the suburban streets would be at any given time except for evening rush hour when everybody was coming and going from work or errands.

Things have changed to some degree in a few short years with all the cameras around and various tracking technology, but Franzese and law enforcement and even package thieves know all the more of it for sure.

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Totally agree with you that there is going to be a lot that gets sorted out in the next six months. I really am looking forward to seeing what the TV numbers look like over this back to back spring football season. Gets back to the guy on the crew who is marrying the exotic dancer, you hope for the best but deep down you know that there is almost no way this ends good, but you kick back and enjoy the fireworks.


I feel like we have all known or have met "that guy"!



That is how the Rams ended up in St. Louis.


Wow, look at all those USFL promos during the Super Bowl last night. Like Fox does not have any other sports or shows to promote other than that Gordon Ramsay lout, or that Masked Singer and the like, and strange ads for Tubi that I do not think are going to work.

Wow, gee, I wonder how that happened during the Super Bowl, Fox must be so serious about this USFL 2.0 all on its mighty own, hmmm...

They even took a veiled shot at the XFL 3.5 in one of the ads. You bet it's on more than the media or NFL are admitting to now.

Let's see what else the NFL tries to do to indicate it's going to sit its big butt on the scale more often, or perhaps "find" more money for the league and so forth like they did in December to placate the powerful, established union that represents the players after they obviously saw through the ruse of the Proxy Boss Fox and had tremendous media and political leverage also for weapons against ultimately the Godfather.

It's telling enough that the USFL is making such noise during the Super Bowl, of all times and considering all the other options via Fox, and one week before the XFL 3.5 starts as well even though it is 8 weeks before the USFL starts play when far fewer are going to care about spring football.


I mean, can you really blame Fox. They're promoting a new(ish) entity during the biggest televised event of the year. If even 1% of the 113 million that watched the Super Bowl turn in regularly for the USFL that would be considered a win in their book.


The Godfather wants the feeder league not to bleed out in year two - so why not plunk a couple of advertisements in the flow of the TV stream during big game week. Interesting that there was a shot across the bow of the XFL. I guess that kills the narrative that the XFL was in business with the NFL.