USFL Announces a relaunch for 2022

I think at this point just call them the Ohio Maulers. At least that'll drum up some local support for the team, I'd say there's a 10% chance they ever play in Pittsburgh. A neutral site for the playoffs I understand, for the whole season, well that's a head scratcher.


I would agree with you that I would not wager on them ever playing in Pittsburgh. If they get somewhat reasonable crowds as the Ohio Maulers then who cares. But when did geography ever matter in sports? Both NY football teams Play in New Jersey. Dallas Cowboys play 30 miles away in Arlington. Probably a couple more that are floating around out there.

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San Francisco

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But those examples are at least in the same metro. Canton is about 90 miles away from Pittsburgh.

I agree with others they should use Ohio as location moniker. I would take it a step further and drop Maulers too. Treat it like The Bandits and bring the name back should they end up in Pittsburgh for real.

I'm sure the rights for Ohio Glory is reasonably priced lol


Yes, but once again same metro area. MetLife stadium is 8 miles from Manhattan. This is more akin to calling the Buffalo Bills the Ontario Bills. I'm just not a fan of putting "X city in the name if they have no real intention on playing there. At least the TSL and FCF football dropped the illusion of representing some random city.


The USFL restarts play in April though no schedule has been announced, but of course they have four hubs now instead of merely one. They are halfway there to being a real league with stadiums for each team. And who knows which teams are rebranded next year in 2024 too if it is a go.

For sure by late April we will know the score for sake of attendance and television appeal.

Does the casual fan take interest too beyond gambling activity, who often are not watching or attending games just betting them?

If so like for any given sports league, they have something cooking for once and we sure don't have to hear the usual excuses and apologies made from the usual camp.

Otherwise if we are only hearing from mostly the Spring Football Echo Chamber, especially if they are making excuses for lack of attendance or suffering television ratings again or proclaiming success no matter those results or whatever exceptionalist excuses are not made for businesses beyond sports for not generating revenue and profit, then it will be evident that the USFL 2.0 would only continue as a Fox pet project for their ultimate puppet master in this matter if at all.

The USFL 2.0 does not have the advantage of the highest novelty effect for spring football 2023 as does the XFL 3.5, but it does have the advantage of learning from the failures and successes of the XFL 3.5 as it goes forward this season with more than one hub as was that awful Alabama Spring League of 2022.

Mercifully the 2022 Alabama Spring League is a forgettable remnant of the awful past and history for full-gridiron spring football like so much other crap in all of its past.