USFL Announces a relaunch for 2022

And you are happy with it of course? Put your USFL CRAP on Peacock and call it a day already then if you call that "coverage."

The CFL coverage has been at hand as we know for years on ESPN2 and ESPN channels for some summer games and then sparingly. Before ESPN+ was ESPN3, which did not require some app to be downloaded on one's own device in the era before streaming. It was low effort coverage too.

Once again, your USFL is the Alabama Spring Football League and only getting this much preferential exposure because it's an NFL and NFL media charity mission as would be the case for any such CRAP with vastly empty stands but for the only home team in a shoddy operation.

So if you want to compare coverage of leagues, though you won't because you love comparing apples and oranges repeatedly, know the difference at the very least.

Enjoy your crap game tonight too and if you have a bet, this time I hope you lose too.

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Okay here is an out there theory - What if the NFL sees the bigger college football leagues as competition 30 years down the road? Maybe the big schools spin off the football and basketball and it becomes a stand alone professional league? Attached to the school but different from what we have now. I know I am smoking the crack pipe on this one - and maybe this is why the NFL is pushing for a formation of a lower tier of teams as feeders - 30 years is not that far out there - 29 years ago we had the Sacramento Gold Miners - Just throwing it out there for arguments sake

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Nothing wrong with thinking out there but it can never happen.

College ball is amateur boys. It can’t even come close to CFL quality much less NFL quality where the difference in talent is even more acute because they play the same game.


Well let's be grateful that this bag of excrement aflame of a league with a fake name, for it's not in substance anywhere near the same as the original USFL too, is almost over and nobody really cares including probably the NFL.

The NFL of course has the advantage of plausible deniability after this awful test-run as we see what the XFL 4.0 does with far more resources and capability in 2023.

Then upon any success, the NFL can court the XFL all the more pursuant to their base agreement of collaboration as announced in late February.

Upon another failure of the XFL, well then it's back to perhaps another flim-flam edition of this USFL crap with all the charity by the NFL broadcast partners though I think for any next edition, the NFL has to sweeten the pot and won't get away with as many bare favours and pandemic charity antics.

Well the NBC Sports USFL page on Facebook has been a surprise, for I have been designated Top Fan after telling them what I really think of their operation along with at least 90% of commenters on there.

The fights break out quite a bit too with the few lame supporters as FB otherwise tries to censor mass posts that are critical about this crap operation.

Anyway, I'm a Top Fan now according to NBC Sports so I guess I'll just have to jeer it into oblivion over there when they dare pop up a promotion on my feed. :smile:

As I remind them, they could just put it on Peacock where it really belongs, maybe the occasional game on FS1 because nobody cares there either, and all is well.


Don’t know what that means, but did you tell them that you are the CFL Forum Masters Pool champion too? Maybe they will make you Top Chef as well?

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Well to the dismay of some, Fox and NBC are pleased with the USFL. NBC sold enough commercial spots to make a profit and while I'm sure Fox is in the red, probably not as deep as previous endeavors.

They deserve a courtesy golf clap for their public relations work for their biggest master, or wait I mean client, the NFL. Please clap everybody!

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Does this mean the NFL is the CFL master as well?:thinking:

"The NFL has really helped us with television negotiations, determining what our property is worth," Giles said

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Wow look at that. You pull an article from 1997 to try to back up a statement of false equivalence for your piece of crap not established fake USFL. Alright then. You can win in your own clever mind again bwah ha ha ha. :sweat_smile:

Keep betting on this crap and losing too! :joy_cat: :japanese_ogre: :ghost: :alien: :space_invader:

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Because if it weren't for the NFL in 97 there would be no CFL as we know it today. You state the NFL is supporting these spring leagues, without any evidence, but completely ignore the fact the NFL kept the CFL alive and helped them renegotiate their TV contract.

Nobody has argued that fact as has zero to do with the present fake USFL, and your eyes remind blind to even all the evidence pointing to the conclusion of the NFL's backing compared to your opinion that this is some standalone operation getting all that support from not only one but two network partners sharing that awful load, but it's failing miserably so you keep on enjoying your crap.

I don't care and the truth so even you can see it comes out later anyway.

It's still crap whether they play another season or not. Now to the XFL, which actually has a deal with the NFL for collaboration.

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I'm a facts type of guy. I can understand where you're coming from, but until there's a paper trail the burden of proof is on you. I'm sure Mike Florio would've outed the league by now as he's the biggest anti-Alt football fan you'll find.

Maybe maybe not. We are not getting anywhere arguing about it. Enjoy what is left of this.

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Philadelphia has beaten New Jersey to move on to the Championship game. A late punt return touchdown was the difference. It was a good game.

Are any of these players eligible to play in the CFL now that the season is done? More than a few good players would be capable imo.

Nope The FOX league was targeted the CFL in a non-compete clause in their standardized contract


Thank you. A clause in the USFL contracts? CFL would be foolish to ignore the talent.

Yeah the USFL players aren’t allowed to try out for any league except the NFL. Some of them haven’t signed the new clause that says that if they get cut by the NFL, they have to return to the USFL. You might see one or two make the jump but other than those types of players, the CFL will most likely have to wait until they are free agents. Some of them won’t want to play for the CFL obviously.

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Sign them anyway. The CFL shouldn't honor those USFL contracts because it infringes player's right to ply their trade. The CFL is in Canadian jurisdiction while the USFL is a lesser league that may not survive into 2023 despite whatever FOX says