USFL Announces a relaunch for 2022

I agree with you about the shift from cable back to broadcast TV - And I really think that Fox is just throwing noodles against the wall with the USFL and seeing what sticks - because no one is going to remember year one - if this thing dies or lives on for years - I really think that hiding behind the cable paywall is going to hurt those that have those properties and put them on the cable channels as cable dies off -


The rest of your comment is true, but no, many who don't care for spring football will remember the failure just fine as I have since the USFL 1.0.

My hopes were up for the XFL 1.0 back in the spring of 2001.

After that disaster and as NFL Europe was around only because the NFL had a very slushy fund in such times with far less competition for the entertainment dollar, nope.

Now I figure the XFL 4.0 with all those resources either does it or that's the end of this spring football crap until perhaps another generation comes around with bright ideas as has happened since the AAF attempt in recent years.


Articles like this tell me the NFL is behind the USFL in a big way - it has let everyone know that they should support our pet project - not this article is on CBS - not the Fox Sports feed - Quality of football aside in previous iterations of spring football the attack dogs would have been in the hunt all out - now not so much - the NFL has muzzled them -

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Playoff spots and seeding are finalized. All four games in week 10 are meaningless.

Time to watch the CFL this weekend until the USFL playoffs begin on June 25


I mean the NFL may be supporting the league in terms of lip service, but I honestly don't think they care whether the league sinks or swims. Ditto for the CFL or any other league for that matter.


BS yes they do or this CRAP you love so much would be on Peacock and nobody would say anything or pay attention only because they happen to see it on the over-the-air channels due to the NFL

You like spring football? Great we get it! But this is not the way to do it and it can burn in hell too.

The entire league is meaningless as the fans not showing up well know.

Eh, most of us are not watching at all but enjoy it if you will or must.

The NFL muzzles far more than merely the sports wings of our media any more.

There has been plenty written some time before this crap league how they have a quiet deal not to be scrutinized so much any more in exchange for the understanding after the Kaepernick settlement, for which the dominant press torched the NFL after treading with some kid gloves for awhile, so as to admit wrong publicly and make changes in various regards pursuant to old complaints for some time.

Normally the Deshaun Watson tale for example would be front and centre on cable news at this stage akin to others accused of even less such charges, but of course they are onto something else and that's no accident.

The examples go on and on including not much out there on cable news on the Snyder matter either, which has also a criminal allegation associated with it enough to be heard in Congress.


I'm sorry I just don't buy into the NFL is supporting spring football b.s. They literally have nothing to gain by it. If the NFL wanted to make money in the spring they could put together a flag football tournament and draw 3+ million viewers easily. I'm not sure why you're bothered by the USFL or whatever FL being in TV. What are they really holding back, another unfunny sitcom from Keenan Thompson? There's thousands of channels on TV I ignore everyday, but it doesn't bother me in the least

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Keep believing. We have shared plenty of evidence. You won't see this league totally ignored or bashed by the big media as any crap show like this would be.

Just all that talking over no fans in the stands in Alabama is just all by accident by golly yeee-haww!

Meanwhile the CFL gets no love at all and that does not bother you and is perfectly understandable for you I am sure, for that's you.

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Put this trash on Peacock where it belongs so you and a few can watch it and we're all good. And don't bash the CFL in the same breath as you and others do.

Start a USFL forum on Reddit and have fun with that if you are so inclined.

And again, the XFL 4.0 has much more promise and backing behind it now including also assent of the NFL.

Nobody here that I see is bashing the CFL, calling out falling ratings and attendance is truth, but I've never wished death on the league as you're doing here with the USFL. Regardless, the USFL existing or not doesn't affect me in the least.

As for the media treating the USFL with kiddy gloves, so what? Does the AHL, NLL, or even MLS really get bashed? No they're simply ignored, the NLL championship is being played in a sold out Buffalo rink, but it will be ignored just as the USFL is right now. XFL 1.0 was massacred by the media because Vince promoted it like the 2nd coming of Christ. The AAF was also under scrutiny for its finances, or lack thereof and was rightly called out. The USFL isn't promoting itself to being anything other than it is, so there's no story here, and no need for media bashing.

As for the CFL in the USA, if a network thought it would make them money they'd jump on it. Fact is, the CFL has been broadcast reguarly for 20+ years in the states, and only popped a significant rating once, for Johnny Nacho Manzel. The CFL worrying about the US market is like fussing over low tire pressure after you blew your transmission. There's plenty of work to do in Canada before setting their sights elsewhere.

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Ah there you go again with the backhand bash as if the CFL even has had a fraction of the shot of your beloved charity football mission crap Alabama Sports League.

Obviously, this dialogue is going nowhere but neither is your USFL so onto the XFL for your spring football hopes perhaps.


When you have Fox and NBC promoting you only because their biggest customer says to do you a favour, you sure don't need to promote yourself now do you?

Even CBS gives the USFL far more attention than they would without also that same large customer.

Now put in on Peacock where it belongs and then we'll see if the USFL can promote itself or not. Heh.

Yes it does or you would not be chiming in so fondly to defend what is patently awful in the face of the evidence at hand, in the minds especially of all the no-shows in Alabama, and no high interest at times unless on prime non-cable TV channels, so obviously you are hiding some agenda here.

Once again you talk about the NFL asking for a favor yet provide no proof. What does the USFL success have to do with the NFL? If the NFL doesn't receive a profit they don't care. In fact the only league the NFL has ever helped out financially was the CFL, providing them that loan to keep them afloat in the 90's. I notice you never bring that up.

No national newspapers are giving ink to the USFL. Besides Birmingham local papers and the NY Post (owned by Ruper Murdoch) you won't see an original USFL article in print media anywhere. Hey look, I even found a CFL article from CBS, I guess they were pressured by the NFL to write this too right?

@Stickweld21 has been over and over this as well as far as what the NFL has to gain out of this.

Otherwise they are getting free media favours from their NFL media, or this league would be akin to Fan-Controlled Football and all would be just fine.

And why is that now? It must not mean much even in Birmingham for those local papers not to cover it right?

The NFL can't lean on formerly print papers like they can on television partners.

That reality you presented proves the point not only I have made and not yours, but you don't realize it.

This is simply untrue. The NFL kept NFL Europe afloat for years and you know this too. Get some facts before you next time before you assert other hypotheses, theories, and facts presented to you are untrue.

Or just be a fan of this lame league, please do indulge in all the lame games left including this weekend, and let this fake USFL 2.0 crash and burn off our screens.

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Well the NFL owned NFLE, so yes, it was in their best interest to keep it alive. I'm talking about unaffiliated leagues. You keep saying the NFL is a silent partner behind these leagues with no proof. There is, however, verifiable proof of the NFL writing a check to keep the league afloat. You seem angry for the lack of CFL coverage in the states, even though they've been on American televisions for 20 years and have every game on ESPN+. I'm sure there's lots of American KHL hockey fans or J-League soccer fans that would kill for that kind of coverage.