USFL Announces a relaunch for 2022

So what's with the political stuff? this is a thread about the USFL.
Tired of the Trump stuff.

If I make a negative comment about hopeless/useless Trudeau, people get upset/angry and complain to the moderators that it's political and I get banned, but it's okay to make political comments as long as it's not about a Canadian Liberal?


Fox is hilariously throwing over $300 million at Tom Brady to what...? Talk?!

They make goofy decisions and still make gobs of money doing it. Trump is their Greatest Of All Time (GOAT) goofball. Now they're adding Tom Brady to the bullpen!! I can't wait to ignore them in the coming years!!! :partying_face:

Sorry about the comedy... I mean, 'politics'.


There is a thread currently being all the rage in here that was started about Twitter . It has since devolved into a monkey shit fight about such things as vaccines , abortions , politics on both sides of the border amongst other things . You can go there and dump on anybody you like . Honestly don't know where you get the idea that you get banned for merely mentioning Trudeau in here .

Hey if it makes you feel any better I personally think that both your boy Trump as well as Trudeau are both as you say hopeless/useless .

There I said it , so now I guess according to you I just sit back and wait to be banned then ?


As long as we stay on topic we'll be okay.

So Cat Juggling it is!



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That cigarette doesn't have a filter.



Looks like a walking talking ashtray .

I wonder if he's related to this guy ?

That's the B-9 from that my childhood favorite 1960's Lost in Space series. But he has a dirty secret and I think you stumbled upon it.
I really looked up to that robot... until I caught him humping mom's washing machine.

The robot puffing on the cig was their love child. I'm still haunted by the sounds of their love making (wash, rinse, spin... repeat).

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Well here's Florio giving the CFL some attention today.

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It's in a negative light. Nothing positive in his coverage of the CFL


I hate it when the press is positively negative. Just hate it.

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I agree plus I feel that all parties in management and above, plus all avid or loyal supporters, should be punished including the City of Birmingham, Alabama.

As if he has not been an NFL hack and shill like Peter King his entire career covering pro football? Where have you been?

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Yep the Godfather is getting pieces in place - keeping too many people from savaging the product - Letting the unwashed masses know that it is okay to tune in to the USFL - Control the narrative -

Those on the inside - Or just the Godfather see something with the NCAA as a pipeline for their players and are setting up an alternative pipeline or supplemental player pipeline for six or eight years down the road - This is not about this season - this is about where the NCAA is with players in five or ten years and getting ahead of any issues - No way does the USFL or XFL replace the NCAA but my reading of the tea leaves is that the USFL and XFL will be like a finishing school or apprenticeship program for the NFL - Linemen especially -


It's interesting that this weekend, which you would think is a no-brainer, they made the following changes:

  1. Start the Friday night game earlier
  2. Put all games on a regular TV channel with no streaming (because the NFL knows that Peacock is utter crap and good for merely a simulcast at best)
  3. Three of the games are on over-the-air TV.

You bet the NFL is putting its big butt on the scale to juice those ratings, which should be interesting and up after those godfather moves.

Somewhat perplexing is that the game between two of the worst teams, Pittsburgh and Houston, is the last one on Sunday when I would think the interest would be higher than at noon like the prior game (when most people in the South are in church).

I could see that as good strategy otherwise if those teams were actually from those markets.

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I really think that Fox is still tinkering with things to find the best lineup and start times for games - That said I am going to throw something out there that I have been mulling over that I am sure that most will disagree with - As most of those on this thread operate with the data and assumptions that all spring football must fail - and it will never catch on - never ever - no way it can work -

What if we now live in a world where football is popular enough south of the border that with a nudge from the NFL people will start watching spring football - and this is where I am sure that I am going to catch all kinds of hell - what if next year when the XFL starts up the two spring football leagues feed off each other - the XFL setting the table for the USFL season - I know it sounds counterintuitive - But I really think that there is an opening between The SuperBowl and August - I don't think the last month of College hoops is a titan - one week of March Madness is problematic - Hockey on TV is not a Juggernaut and we have seen the USFL go toe to toe with the NBA -

Bottom line I think that we are at an inflection point in the graph where the data before us does not effect the outcome of the equation going forward - I am probably wrong and in two years I will admit to such when all the spring leagues are toast -


You share a reasonable analysis laden with assumptions as well and of course I disagree, but to your point I don't think this USFL season really counts and is just a test of sorts post-pandemic.

One point we might be overlooking is that in the event of a resurgence of the pandemic, I don't think anybody wanted to bother having to shut down travel of a small, minor league and start-up and just have a built-in bubble concept from day one.

The real test will be the XFL 4.0 next February in actual cities and venues like in 2020, but they have the value of their last failed experiences in 2020 and in 2021 with all that dialogue, including especially their presumptuous four-down hot air and more, with the CFL.

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I agree with you on the pandemic event resurgence - a year ago no one had any clue as to if we were going into lockdown etc - I also look at the USFL season 1 like one would do prototyping in manufacturing - you build a limited batch get the assembly line up and running, iron out any kinks in the system before you go full throttle with the production - Everyone is sniping about the quality of play etc, how sub standard the football is - If I were Fox I would care about that but first and foremost would be making sure the delivery mechanism is there and we are getting some fans to watch the games and we are not burning through 300 million usd in the first year -

The XFL will be another interesting experiment in spring football and probably a very expensive flame out - I really wonder who will broadcast the games - I tend to think that ESPN will do the coverage because they have been very silent in regard to the USFL which is a property owned by Fox a direct competitor - Also the Rock has deep ties with Disney and ESPN -

Everything has a price - I wonder what the price is for the CFL to go to 4 downs and a spring/summer schedule? Each CFL team gets $3.7 million usd from the CFL TV deal - does $7 million usd per team get the CFL teams to jump ship? $10 million usd? 15 million usd? What is the number? Everything boils down to numbers - CFL teams won't jump ship for the same TV money but if there was a significant increase in the TV money all bets are off -


Sunday at noon ET on NBC today will be a telling litmus test for the league's TV situation.

For those still questioning how much clout the NFL has in this matter and in all matters of American TV scheduling, the popular Premier League game normally on NBC was bumped out of this window to USA.

You can be the Premier League, NBC's most valuable sports property after the NFL Sunday Night game, took notice again after being wronged with the Peacock crap without consultation in 2020. NBC has in this season put more games on regular channels regularly.

You bet the NFL was envious of that Sunday morning Premier League window and called in another order or, excuse me, "favour" from its lemmings or wait, sorry, "media partner."

Now I can guarantee you only a very small few unknown souls here in Philadelphia know anything about the Stars at all and of those, maybe 3 or 4 households will watch today on this nice spring day.

As it is 11AM local time in Birmingham, well, I'm not only not so sure the homers there turn out on a Sunday morning in the South but also I doubt they are staying home to watch if they are not in church this morning. The fish are bitin' and all that too.

Let's keep going and march the whole thing into the flames to burn for good so the XFL 4.0 can run a real spring league with real teams and cities.

The Fox 4PM game today goes looks like their other throwaway besides Friday night with any ratings simply gravy.

It will be good to see the ratings number on the game on Saturday again too.

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Paulo_X - don't agree with you all the time but I do enjoy the back and forth and what you bring to the table - That said I agree with you in the power of the NFL and the ability of the NFL to manipulate anything and everything if they so desire to do so including dictating to NBC not to put soccer on in prime slots against their football games - You can see it this year as the NFL has gone to war with the NBA - Christmas this year falls on Saturday - and the NFL has three games on that day Packer Dolphins, Broncos Rams and Bucs Cardinals - Christmas was usually the NBA's day to shine - the NFL putting three possibly good match-ups on Christmas day is pretty much an F**k you to the NBA - that is an NFL flex move -