USFL Announces a relaunch for 2022

:joy: I can't see that happening until CFL announces a new American network deal with FOX. Rest easy.

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Let's hold our breath now indeed, for any such deal, or essentially just about any deal, would involve the say of the NFL whether or not in public light.


So the Memphis Showboats return to the USFL and also will play in their own stadium right there in Memphis so that will make them a real home team too.

Now I happen to have a friend from Memphis who has returned to live there, so I will be asking him about the local vibe as otherwise was lacklustre in the days of the Tennessee Oilers of the NFL with their temporary home in Memphis.

Apparently the team branded for Houston will play in Memphis too. Hub league!

There's also the following sombre news buried with this splashy announcement, but I do not agree with those who feel there should be a funeral for teams that never really existed in a named city.

This means the Tampa Bay Bandits are no longer for now. They could return at a future time.

The Memphis team are a rebrand of the Tampa Bay Bandits, not an expansion team. They will inherit the Bandits roster. During the event the team announced former Memphis Tigers Brady White as their quarterback. No word on what the status is of Jordan Ta’Amu

It's as if the Tampa Bay Bandits never were to the grand majority of football fans of any kind. I used to live there and can assure you the locals there don't give a rip either assuming they ever heard of them much like our locals here don't care about these so-called Philadelphia Stars either.

It's a hard knocks life in a hub league!


Maybe FOX will have a Champions League game with the Grey Cup champions in the near future. I can get behind that


More USFL Hubs

Well will you look at this. As the apologists for this hub league had droned on and on defending that lame concept for this lame league and hearkening back to the pandemic of course as have many apologists for the abject failure of spring leagues without heavy help and charity from NFL water boys as well, well look now they are looking for more hubs!

Hmmm...could it be because they realize that many of us are right that this hub league horse puckey SUCKS as it has since day one?

No, they realize that the XFL is not a hub league and is more of a draw for some players already.

It will be interesting how many players play in both though of course most players have an interest in getting that shot at the NFL.

And of course we have to wonder already if a merger is inevitable that involves the XFL and USFL as the backers of both already are jockeying for position in case they can make spring football work.

A small few, leaving out kickers, punters, and long snappers for now, actually make it to a regular season NFL game of course.

By golly, should they go to four hubs, that's basically four home teams isn't it?

I guess that "hub league" concept just does not have staying power!


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The Experienced and Undrafted Player Pool And Priorities

The pecking order for those American players not playing in the NFL is as follows:

  1. CFL (for those Americans who will consider playing in Canada)
  2. XFL 3.5 (still to launch anew with much still to be worked out after the draft)
  3. USFL 2.0
  4. Any given other professional or semi-professional football league

Our next checkpoint for the CFL is what the XFL 3.5 does or does not do for its launch.

Right there are some players otherwise who have not signed for the CFL for whatever reason(s).

Below is some evidence in these regards.

So it's interesting that there are CFL signings for 2023 already right after the Grey Cup, which have been reported across the street at 3DownNation like usual during the season.

Note the following statistics via the linked article:

Three days of the XFL draft have come and gone with USFL on the outside looking in. With 55 USFL players earning NFL contracts the USFL was most likely hoping that those who were cut would be en route back to their former employers. While I’m sure the brass at Fox is more than happy to “lose” players to the NFL, losing them to the XFL was not a part of the plan.

Please note, as cited previously, this count is flawed and high.

When any of the players once were in the NFL AND playing on game day, they are former NFL players no matter where else they go to play.

Sometimes the USFL and associated authors count players with prior NFL game-day experience who ended up in the USFL as "USFL players," which they are not. These players are former NFL players.

Note that in the article is also evidence in this regard provided by the author so as to substantiate my point here and refute their inflated count of "former USFL players."

Another overlooked reason for players ditching the USFL for a shot at the XFL 3.5 is because they know a hub league is not going to carry them farther in their game.

Under the covers sure Fox and that undercover NFL certainly can continue to contain costs with a hub league, but the market and the players are not having it when there are alternatives.

As I have covered separately above, if the USFL is to have 4 hubs for 8 teams as appears on the way, well that math sort of messes up the hub concept doesn't it? Just have regular venues for 8 teams if you dare to call yourself a real football league.

The incorrectly high count of "55" is already down to 21 USFL players in the NFL, which is quite good minus also those remaining who were once in the NFL of course.

Currently there 21 USFL players that are currently on NFL payrolls, throughout the last three days the USFL had 18 of their former players get drafted to XFL teams. While the USFL had three of its players return to their teams (Tucker Addington LS, Matt Colburn RB, and Devin Gray WR), I’m sure the Brian Woods and company were hoping to retain players like Sal Cannella, Kyle Sloter, and Channing Stribling in effort to maximize name recognition, competition, and continuity for the league. Right now, there are 13 former USFL players currently as “free agents”, either waiting for an NFL to call, or maybe for the supplemental XFL draft in January of 2023.


So entering the USFL Social Media Echo Chamber, its appears their own fans I think sense the imminent demise of the lousy hub league model because they already have four proposed hubs, which is silly given that means up to half the teams will be playing at home in any given weekend.

So their solution, not that these dudes will actually ever attend a game because I figure at least half are simply degenerate gamblers with an ample social media presence including Reddit, is a merger with the XFL even though it has yet to re-launch!

Now their vision has some merit indeed, and such a possibility indeed is one that needs to not be dismissed given the deep pockets behind the USFL 2.0 and the XFL 3.5, but of course none of this means a hub league is a successful league though they will of course strive to pronounce any USFL "merger" as the first spring football success on US soil much like they do for all their recycled NFL players whom they are claiming as their own when they are not.



You didn't mention that the creator(s) had a business plan that called for more gradual growth in many ways including slow growth in player salaries, and no expensive big-name players to begin with, and a spring summer schedule to take advantage of the NFL off-season. Trump is the one who blew ALL of that out of the water.


Indeed...I remember the original USFL and it had promise almost 4 decades ago. I had a national tv contract with ABC. Was getting reasonably positive press in the press. And, strategically took advantage of public disenchantment with the NFL over the '82 players strike and the issues in Oakland with the Raiders moving to LA. Place like Washington didn't draw well ( ex Saskatchewan WR Joey Walters played with he Federals) but places like Michigan ( Detroit), Oakland, Tampa Bay did draw well...

Once Trump got involved and tried to outspend everyone, the writing was on the wall...


The look on his face was priceless when he won a judgment of $1.00 (now $3.76 with interest).

Even one of the NFL owners took out a one dollar bill to pay Trump.

You can say Trump "saved" the CFL by ruining the USFL​:joy::rofl:


ESPN and ABC begged them to stay in the spring - They tried to outspend each other and the NFL - and it went sideways after that.


Too bad some owners chose to follow Trump instead of sticking to the plan of staying in the spring.

The NFL has to invite you to be part of the their club (sizeable fee of course) instead of forcing your way in


NFL got burned on that with the AFL merger in the late 1960's they were not going to get burned that way again.


So are you thinking that there might be a merger afoot? Or is the USFL just going to grind on in the Hub Zone until the Rock and Redbird tap out? And maybe there is either a merger or buyout? Is that what you are getting at or just overall collapse of both leagues and the CFL picks up some QBs on the cheap after the spring football apocalypse?

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The NFL owners and their heirs and proteges have a very long collective memory.

Anger them once, and they might deal with you years later but it will cost you a lot more and they won't ever forget, and likely not forgive, your wrongdoing.

The sagas of Al Davis, Trump, and ABC / ESPN are prominent examples.

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  1. The XFL 3.5 has yet to prove itself.

  2. If Step 1 is at hand this season, and it is more than about the mere money behind the venture, why would the XFL 3.5 need or even desire a hub league? Of course the XFL will get to sit and watch what happens or not after the XFL 3.5 completes its first season after relaunch in February.

  3. Meanwhile as discussed in the XFL and the Nathan Rourke threads, the CFL is wise to go after key players NOW and right after the XFL season is complete. Revisions of contract language would be prudent to examine as well, as we have discussed in those threads.


Keeping the Raiders out of LA is a prime example of that issue with Al Davis.

Davis did try to circumvent the NFL by moving from Oakland to LA when the Rams left the LA Coliseum for a baseball park in Anaheim.

Now the Raiders are laughing all the way to a Vegas bank while the Rams and Chargers are wondering what more they need to do to be more popular than the Raiders in LA.


Yeah no kidding in regard to Al Davis or Trump or ESPN/ABC - Al Davis rought the rest of teh NFL to a legal standstill but they were not going to ever be defeated like that again. And I am sure when they helped the Raiders move to Vegas there were plenty of contractual stipulations and other strings put in place to keep his kid from doing any other BS that would make the league look bad.


Agree with you in regard to the XFL proving themselves. They will have a couple of challenges that should be interesting - 1) the NCAA overlap of 3 Weeks 2) the 4 week long overlap with the USFL.

I really want to see what happens this spring with the two leagues. To me it is like watching a slow motion car wreck in process. There are so many different directions this spring can go for the Alt Football leagues and not a lot of them are good.


I'm interested in seeing what the USFL long term plan is. Do they spend money going into every market in year 3 or look for potential owners first? How long will the hub concept last if ratings drop from last year?WLAF ratings dropped like a rock from year 1 to year 2 and the Arena league saw it's ratings slide all 4 years on NBC. Even the original USFL saw a gradual decline in its 3 seasons from 83-85. With the anticipated Fox/News Corp merger does the USFL become a casualty. Speaking as someone who does contract work with News Corp they are a notoriously frugal organization