USFL Announces a relaunch for 2022

Looks like the possible CFL-XFL new league/partnership is going to have some competition

USFL relaunching next year, four decades after its birth -

Fox Sports and Brian Woods of the Spring League is behind this. No word of teams aside from there will be 8.

With leading rumours of the CXFL launching spring 2023, for USFL 2.0 to come out now for next year. They don't have much of a runway.

Looks like AAF 2.0 to me

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I wonder if Trump will own one of the teams ? Herschel Walker is still available at age 59 . :crazy_face:

Pat Lynch (just more American crazy talk from Fox)

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So let's see now. Fox Sports is now tied up with the new USFL, ridiculous idea or not.

The Rock is connected to NBC, but the NBC Sports Network is shutting down at the end of 2021.

So what US network will be available to get the CFL/XFL the holy grail TV contract they would obviously require? I hardly doubt ESPN would show interest, they're now getting heavily involved in the NHL.

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Another day another new league .

Brian Woods is the CEO of The Spring League.

Spring League has 8 teams.

Fox Sports also had some sort of equity deal with The Spring League.

Today, the USFL announces Brian Woods as the CEO, that the will have 8 teams, and that Fox Sports has an ownership stake.

To me, this just sounds like The Spring League just rebranded themselves as the USFL.


If it can freezes the possibility of a CFL spring schedule I won't complain


It never ends just one after the other. Fox actually owning it this time out .

Must have had a fall out with XFL . I cannot believe that there was zero talks with the same style content .

Fox must have wanted an exclusive deal only and had no intention in any league having options .


I wonder if this guy is just dissolving the Spring League and reforming under the USFL name? Maybe he is getting sued by ex-players or creditors.

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Yes, the CFL can remain as a summer/fall sport.
The USFL and XFL players can play in the CFL after their winter league is finished.

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USFL succeeded better than most spring leagues, because they were able to get NFL talent to come and play.

The NFL was big then, now its a behemoth.

However, maybe this is another reason on the XFL side as to why they are speaking with the CFL for some sort of partnership. Perhaps they had already heard about this league.

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The big question to me, is the league going to change it's business model? Having teams in different locations and actually paying players?

My guess is that this new USFL will have almost (if not the exactly) the same business model as The Spring League.

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Lots of unknowns, apparently he reached out to a Spring League Employee and was told, 'I read the same article you did'

Likely some NDAs involved too.


The guy really lives in your head for free.


Makes sense, this way they are sure it won't get folded in the middle of its first season. The Funny thing is no network cancels shows that don't make money out of the gate like FOX does.

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