USFL 2023 Discussion


We deserve better than this trash hub league, as do the cities for which teams are named that are NOT where the teams play.

This is not Philadelphia’s team in that league.

Keep that trash out of here too and change the name if you are not actually, contrary to the fool’s propaganda swallowed by the Spring Echo Football Chamber types, that this league was going to “build slowly, THEN put itself into actual venues” after two seasons.


Prukop does not need to go back and should not. He deserves better THAN, not with, this entire trash hub league.

Fix your trash hub league first USFL and find something else you Spring Football Echo Chamber author.


This is where that crap Alabama league is hurting the CFL. Joseph is a BC Lions draft pick. If it wasn’t for the spring leagues then he’d be at least trying out for the CFL.

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Yeah this is where the USFL and XFL are hurting the CFL big truth - these leagues are starting to siphon off the upper tier Canadians to play for 10 weeks in the USA and take another shot at the NFL. CFL management better figure something out.

@Paolo_X - has been screaming this for about a year that the CFL shot callers need to figure something out.

This is where the hard core CFL fans have issues. They aren’t open to radical change if it’s too “American”. It opens the door for discussion about the ratio though. Why have a ratio when Canadian players are going south? This is where the CBA gets interesting next time it gets negotiated.

Yeah - you take the skim cut off the top of the Canadian Talent pool and you are looking at NAIA level talent players. And those dudes going up against SEC level guys or Big10 level guys is where things get ugly and QBs get killed.

I have to think “QB’s getting killed” will be discussed thoroughly in the off-season based on what we’ve seen thus far.

One steamboat, two steamboat… :slight_smile:

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And of course on the forum, I would hope that all commenters would be in unanimous opposition to the field slaughter of quarterbacks.

But who knows any more!?

There are certain fans who defended the Rider that was responsible for the 2022 Masoli injury but those bojacks haven’t been around here lately.

I might suggest they allow 2 extra o-line that can only protect the QB and not run block or go down the field

New position on offence in the CFL? Offensive Pillar?

Wooh, defences are so scared now, aye.

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Flashback and side note - used to work with this large white dude from Montana - dude was crazy - like fight the bar crazy. Anyhow he said when he was in the Army at Fort Bragg he had a giant Haitian roommate and they would go to the pawnshops and get the worst CDs they could find. Milli Vanilli, Debbie Gibson, Tiffany etc. And they would blast that stuff in the barracks - like cranked up loud - and they would set up shop in their barracks room doing curls or doing sets at 225 lbs. The dude from Montana had arms like tree trunks and he said the Haitian guy was bigger.

Anyhow they would wait for someone to come down the hall talking smack - “I don’t know who is playing that crap but they need to turn it off.”

Montana dude said it was so funny to see the person who was going to get them to shut down the music, look in the room and see these two monsters lifting weights blasting Debbie Gibson looking for a fight, “Hey guys how is it going? Nice tunes have a great day.”

I can’t see or hear Milli Vanilli without throwing that story out there.


The NFL Gorilla Moves Further Into The Seat, Part I: They Are Who We Thought They Were

Part II is in the XFL thread.

And there it is, under the radar and hidden in plain sight in what is easy to see as a puff piece via CBS Sports, which is action that is par for the course for tea leaves and trial balloons by any given powerful leader or magnate.

Such a public disclosure is NOT done without approval of others including the NFL, which in this case would include Jerry Jones and of whom Johnston is in at least his second circle when it comes to decisions within his business interests and those associated with the NFL.

In a recent conversation with Bryan DeArdo of CBS Sports, USFL president Daryl Johnston, the erstwhile Dallas Cowboys legend and head of the USFL, unfolded his visions and aspirations for the USFL while touching upon the career graph of specific players, especially that of Justin Hall, whose non-inclusion in the NFL roster caught him by surprise.

As far as the USFL is concerned, Johnston feels that the league will eventually be a better alternative for players than college football when it comes to preparing to play in the NFL.

Such public interest of the NFL as expressed by a party associated with the NFL, whatever his current title is now, does not happen accidentally at this time.

And let’s note that CBS, which is NOT a media partner of the USFL but is of course for the NFL, just happens to be there for this discussion in September.

There’s more the story here as I will also discuss in the XFL thread, for the NFL is clearly positioning matters with the hub league for beyond 2024.


@Paolo_X - you were right something is going on and the NFL is positioning the USFL for something long term - I am waiting for you to weigh in on the possible merger.


Here it is in an initial report via Axios after the scripted interviews, or “discussions” or “conversations” as the NFL propaganda goes, last week on each front.

I’d buy on this rumour. Would you?

I am surprised though that the NFL is moving this quickly in September instead of just waiting until near the end of the regular season in early December, but the NFL owners do move fast when they make many such decisions as opposed to calculating and waiting.

If the leagues merge, game broadcasts could be split between Fox (which currently has a deal with the USFL) and Disney, the XFL’s media partner. It’s unknown whether NBC – which also has a broadcast agreement with the USFL – will be involved moving forward.

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While there’s little doubt the NFL has a role in this, it’s probably not the only factor. The uncertainty of ESPN may have Redbird questioning its investment, and with NBC likely on the way out, Fox would have to show all 4 games a week on its family of networks. After the disappointing ratings for season 2, I don’t think they want to take on the extra burden. Let Redbird and Co. run the football side of things while Fox handles the Production and distribution.

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Right on. I would also add the NBC has already been betting bigger than since Rio 2016 on 2024 for the Olympics in Paris.

The Olympics are going to be their full push after the NFL season along with their usual stuff that is not pro football.

Air time for the USFL would hardly be affected if NBC were to stay on the matter, but NBC is devoting as many production and marketing resources to the summer Olympics as they can such that the USFL is not on their radar for as much attention anyway in 2024.

In the current adverse media climate, all the niche sports are caught in such a budget and resource crunch.


Side note - NBC and Peacock are sending content in the direction of Everpass Media. Don’t know if that information is worth anything or not but they are in bed with Everpass.