USFL 2023 Discussion

ok i so went ahead and made topic for upcoming hub league, er USFL 2023 season. Superb Owl will be swooping in to keep bojacks in line and keep matters from straying from reality to delusional lol.



Bombers lose their third stringer

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MBT is taking his sideline temper tantrums south

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have not followed USFL lately. Does anyone know if they will be playing full NFL rules

there is this thing called google but it’s not on black and white tvs. you’re welcome.

draft rules too


thank you.

You have a few weeks to read up on it no worries too, but I would not recommend getting caught up in a USFL forum of any sort full of bojacks in the Spring Football Echo Chamber.

Right now some of these types are jealous of the XFL for some reason instead of just watching it.

Some of the most delusional of these fools, with heavy overlap with the prior trash AAF crowd that was on here in 2019, are clamoring for a "merger" when otherwise they need to shore up their trash hub league with real home towns and stadiums for all their teams.

We had been over this a lot in the 2022 thread, but enjoy reading up on the the league as you watch out for those fools and maybe catch the XFL in the meantime as well.


XFL YouBet

Go Battlehawks


I will probably not get much into this league. At first I will be into NHL playoffs, then soon CFL

However just for interest I will pick a couple of teams to cheer for starting off

Wanted to cheer for Philly but their logo is so uninspiring.
Want to cheer for NJG because of connection to Flutie but hard to get past the Trump connection

So I guess I will cheer for New Orleans and Memphis.

Oh well. Great gadget player.

Awful play call in the Grey cup game. Ball should never have been in his hands. Luck To him down south.

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The Prophecy of The Legend of Superb Owl

So it's late, night shift ending, it's dead here and here, so what the heck it seems like a good time to spin a tale.

This is based on a true story.

There I was one summer when in college doing a security job at a client site.

A local sheriff used to come around and stop by to make sure everything was normal too. Anyway, this guy told me that in the rear of the property at night, watch out for the owl. He said the last time he was out there and stepped out of his patrol car, which mind you I got to drive at times too on patrols back there, the owl swooped him.

So the next time I went on patrol, on a dark summer night though with just enough moonlight, there I was in the patrol car back there looking for that owl too.

That whole summer on my patrols I never saw the owl, but little did I know the legend had been born.

The owl obviously swooped that officer because he was a bojack too, but now I realize I must have been okay because that owl went about his hunting business and just left me alone.

The End

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there is an owl that visits my backyard every now and then at night. i hear it hooting outside sometimes or i’ll see it sitting up in one of the apple trees when i take my dog out late at night. sometimes my little dog growls at it and then it flies away like a pterodactyl. the motion-sensing light outside doesn’t seem to bother it. i’ve identified it as a Barred Owl

i saw it last almost 2 weeks ago and of course wondered if it was Superb Owl making sure i wasn’t getting too excited about hub league football.


i love that a football superhero is named after a super bowl autocorrect lol

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they certainly are college recruiting

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added a visual schedule matrix to OP

Why did you even put this thread up here? You know that the minute someone throws out anything USFL related @Paolo_X is going to go full Frank Costanza scorched earth mode and lose his mind.



the Superb Owl himself is monitoring this thread lol


I am staying out of this one for a while - I will delve into the dark arts and keep practicing Necromancy before I go into any USFL discussions.


haha it's football! hub league or not.

i am now an XFL fan but i need to figure out a better stream to watch the games.

i don't expect USFL to be as decent as XFL.