Use of TigerCat Imagery

Anyone notice that the Aurora Tigers (playing the Hamilton Red Wings in junior hockey playoffs) are using the "old" pouncing tiger image (flipped horizontally) on their jersey fronts and the tiger head on the shoulders? (same as the previous TiCat jersey)

I once raised the point with someone in the Cats organization years ago (a Toronto area minor team was freely using the TiCat logo) and they basically said they could do nothing about it.

I just thought it curious re copyright and such.

Maybe Cats are flattered others think so highly of it to use it for their own teams/purposes. (especially in the Toronto area, how ironic :slight_smile:

(Princeton in the U.S. also used for a while the leaping tiger on it's sports web pages... Princeton Tigers and all)


The hockey teams in Toronto are the East Enders... all their teams wear the old logo! I've seen their merchandise on ebay actually being sold as TiCat stuff!
Grambling University in the States has also ripped it off on some of their apparel...
For sure it's copyright infringement but I believe you'd need a mess of corporate lawyers to track these groups down... and I would imagine yanking the logos off a bunch of East York minor hockey kids would make for some pretty bad press!

All the CFL member team logos are licenced out to an american sports marketing company for access and integrity. Not sure about the old logos. But anyone using a new logo on merchandise could be subjected to prosecution:

Oddly enough, I believe it was this same company or an affiliate that designed the “new” Cats logo.

As I understand it, we had some isues with lack of trademark protection for our old logo. It's not even 100% certain who created it. Some say it was Jake Gaudaur, some say it was a design firm.

In any event, Princeton has used it for a long time too, and it was doubtful any lawsuit could be brought against them successfully for alleged infringement, even if we had wanted to.

Beyond that, as has been pointed out above it would be very bad PR to shut down some kids' hockey team for using it.

The new logo I believe is properly trademarked, this ensures it will be used with the Cats' permission and that royalties will flow.

The new logo is trademarked, and it's use will generate royalties....Wonderful!!!

BUT, why on earth would anyone in their right mind use, and pay for, the new logo when the old one is not only free but much better.

I'm opening up a very old can of worms here, but it must be said.

I don't necessary believe Cats should sue anyone (especially kids organizations) but given the "mysterious" nature of the origins of the TiCat "leaping tiger" logo (created by J Gaudaur? another unknown "local" artist? a creative/design agency? for the Cats at all or for someone entirely different and adopted by the team in the early '50s???), I find it interesting to see how wide spread it's use has been.

From the Toronto area to Princeton to who knows where...


i saw that too last night on Cable 14 game.
I thought it was the tiger cats sponsoring the red wings until I really saw the auroa hockey jersey…

I don't care if the team uses pink pansies as their logo as long as they winsome ball games.

Well okay, maybe "pink pansies" is a bit of a stretch.