Use of this site...

To All,

In recent days I have had to warn some posters about the nature of their messages. Please refer to the forum guidelines...In particular the entry about offensive language.

This is a very liberal forum...rarely do we intervene...all posters are allowed to express views, however there are limits and those that post derogatory or offensive messages will be warned and in extreme cases banned.

Trash talk is makes the forum fun...It is all in the spirit of sportsmanship...but personal attacks and comments that are clearly made to be demeaning are not...I think it is safe to say that most people know when they are about to cross the line...if unsure ask yourself the question “Would make the same statement to a co-worker?�

If you are having a debate and it is clear that you are loosing or that no one will win...agree to disagree or bow out not resort to hurling insults. It diminishes the value of this forum as a place for debate and discussion.

We have MODS to help keep things on the level but this forum is on the honour system...we are, for the most part, all adults and this forum asks that you self monitor and filter yourself.


I have no problem with this.
However, make it fare.
I can take the abuse I get on here.However I can't talk smack back.
I don't use foul language.If calling a person an idiot is bad.Then look at previous posts when I'm called a B&%ch and so on.
All I say is make it fare.
I'm here to have fun.I ALWAYS do it in a clean way.

I think that some of the members need to read that again.

Like yourself!!!

fair enough, but I never insult anyone useless I think there insulting me, and I will not deny hijacking a few topics, but so has a few other people.

Kantagetany they are not insulting you.They are just calling it like they see it.When it comes to you!!!!

I do the same thing. "call things how I see them."

"u don't like it, too bad, give me a good reason to agree with you or go away".

BTW, Saskargo, what's your Kucha part of my name. Kuchi? two do realise you are not making any sense right?......

I think were making prefect sense, right Saskargo? she can expain it to you mate, I gotta rock (go)!

…ah well, your endorsement of this strings clarity is good enough for me then KK…

I do respect the rules on this site.
I don't swear on this site.The worst I have call anyone is an idiot.
I take alot of abuse back.I know it is all in fun.
However when posts get locked for saying a person is an idiot,compared to what I have been called is rediculous.
I point out roughyfan for this.He even admitted me.He is totally biased.
There was alot of other stuff towards me on this site.Nothing was said or done.
I just want things to be fare.

That was actually the first topic I locked of yours because it was starting to get out of hand, by both you and Kanga, so I locked it before anymore damage was done. If I was bias towards you I would have locked many more topics, especially during last summer. As far as abuse goes if you dish it out you have to take some back but if it gets out of hand, ie trash talking, name-calling, which it has I delete those posts. I have deleted many posts calling you names, many that you probably have not seen, and many by Rider fans.

ahhhh kill me....LOL

There is one thing you have to remember saskargo.
If and when warnings are given, we do not and will not advise everyone here that it has been done!

If the person who has recieved the warning wants to post something about it, that is their buisness. The mods will not post anything about it!

Nice picture of you stamp fans red&white.Looks like you will be like that after this season too.
I'm not complaining just make it fare.
That is it.
Ro1313 you are pretty fare.These riders mods are NOT!!!
Heck Billy is more fare.At least he can take it and give it.

Saskargo complimenting Billy? Thats it I'm giving up drinking for good now! :shock:

Its Fair, not fare, they are homonyms

And seriously saskargo if you honestly think that the worst you have called me is an idiot, you are delusional.

I'm not tryiong to get into it with you again, because really its old hat, but to say that you weren't allowed to dish it out is pretty false. Heck your new nickname for Kanga is worse than idiot in my opinion.

Billy Buddy old pal.
Idiot is the worst thing I called you.
As for Kangas new nickname.It is a joke.
Is this site rated G.
I don't care what people call me.As long as I can talk smack back.

Sounds like a new breakfast cereal!
Sugar Frosted Smack Backs!