Use of legal pot

now that pot in all its forms of bud, oils ,gummies etc is available legally have any of you found it to be helpful at all from a medicine point of view?

Here in Pennsylvania, marijuana or other THC products are legal for medical use only though it is very easy to get a prescription.

I myself though, at the same dispensaries, buy the CBD cream for inflammation I get at times in one of my knees. No prescription is needed.

I had first tried such a CBD product when visiting my brother in Colorado, and it was fast relief and better even than any product like BioFreeze minus the smell of menthol or camphor.

If you, like me, also work in an environment for which the use of THC is not allowed during employment, the amount in such products is so minuscule and that they are okay for any drug tests.

I find CBD, and THC to a lesser extent, helpful for anxiety.


Do you use it as an oil?
I'm using a THC oil and it definitely has a calming affect without blowing your head apart

Yes, I have some oil, and I also try to get high CBD flowers.

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CBD vegan gummies, used occasionally and with discretion and half of a portion, do the calming trick for me.

Within an hour or so, I am out naturally like a bear in winter.

The sleep is deep and you get up revived.

Anybody with news? I still have to go get my CBD gummies - yeah call me lightweight whatever, but no otherwise I don't smoke and must be clean for work.

News anybody? I got my new jar of lotion before the oncoming chill when my knees across up and so I don't have to rely on or use pain medicine as much.

And vegan CBD gummy worms are great. I hardly need them to wind down to sleep, but when that's the case, only half a worm sure does it.

What brand are these CBD gummies. Do they help for chronic pain?

Edibles give you a totally different and more intense high in my experiences. I stick to smoking, as it's a much more mellow high.

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Well it's a local shop here so they put their brand on it.

On the ingredients though, they are all natural and organic, even with Vitamin C, with the key ingredient isolate CBD.

No the gummies do nothing for chronic pain, but for regular pain the CBD lotion is the best I have ever used. It beats common analgesics with camphor or menthol plus you don't smell like wintergreen. It works within seconds!

Whatever edibles you buy, check the ingredients closely and buy from an established shop unless you know the owners well.

CBD or not, I myself avoid filler ingredients like gelatin. It's in an awful lot of candy.

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Well to help get to sleep after probably the most stressful week of the year of too many this year, I had 1.5 vegan gummy worms last night. I never had that much at once mind you.

This is after enjoying a rare drink a few nights ago to do the same.

The result was about the same as far as being able to get to sleep, but last night the dreams were vivid and strange.

It might not have been necessarily the CBD though and could have been what I had eaten all day.

I will try again next Saturday and see how it goes to check into the matter.

CBD does work to help you settle down and sleep at the very least.

glad I dont have young kids these days who could end up eating the wrong gummies

it should be illegal to make this stuff in the form of a regular eatable.

No worries there FYB - and of course parents have to keep certain things out of reach of children like these too.

You cannot buy these unless you are 18 and over in the US either. Sometimes the age is up to 21 depending on the state and locality too.

They are not the same as medical marijuana, for which you must have a doctor sign off in the US.

Medical marijuana is a bit of a joke
Those 2 words do not belong in same sentence

There are lots of things you can take to numb pain but that does not make them medicine

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[quote="Paolo_X, post:14, topic:68056"]
...No worries there FYB - and of course parents have to keep certain things out of reach of children like these too.You cannot buy these unless you are 18 and over in the US either. Sometimes the age is up to 21 depending on the state and locality too.[/quote]

Yeah cause you know; parents are capable of watching kids 24-7 and no kids under 18 have ever touched things like alcohol or tobacco

I am sure things like edibles are completely safe and off-limits

(Are you trying to be serious? Even for things like vaping and edibles the packaging, designs, and flavours are DELIBERATELY being marketed to children...)

There is no 40 year old who is choosing these

One of the definitions is "A drug or herb used to maintain health or treat a health issue."

If pot gets rids of your migraine pain then I think it is a medicine.
Because of past ignorance they had to distinguish between street pot and medical pot. They don't do that with morphine or other drugs because we all know about morphine et al but pot has been vilified for decades while people suffered needlessly. I remember reading a little while ago that marijuana was found to help prevent COVID........... Glorioskie, vindication is the sweetest reward. :grin:

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I've told this story before but...

A cop friend and I were talking one night.

"If booze was gone and everyone just used pot I probably wouldn't have a job" he said..


My friend is a police officer in Toronto and works crowd control after big sporting events, and says about the same thing.

After the Raptors won--and their fans apparently tend toward pot rather than alcohol--he said it was the easiest crowd to control ever. One young guy had climbed up a lamp post and docilely came down when asked.

If the same thing had happened after a Leafs victory, their alcohol-loving fans would be looking to fight over it.


Over my life I have known seven good friends who were alcoholics and quit drinking !

Each one said they could never have done it without marijuana.