Use of legal pot

now that pot in all its forms of bud, oils ,gummies etc is available legally have any of you found it to be helpful at all from a medicine point of view?

Here in Pennsylvania, marijuana or other THC products are legal for medical use only though it is very easy to get a prescription.

I myself though, at the same dispensaries, buy the CBD cream for inflammation I get at times in one of my knees. No prescription is needed.

I had first tried such a CBD product when visiting my brother in Colorado, and it was fast relief and better even than any product like BioFreeze minus the smell of menthol or camphor.

If you, like me, also work in an environment for which the use of THC is not allowed during employment, the amount in such products is so minuscule and that they are okay for any drug tests.

I find CBD, and THC to a lesser extent, helpful for anxiety.

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Do you use it as an oil?
I'm using a THC oil and it definitely has a calming affect without blowing your head apart

Yes, I have some oil, and I also try to get high CBD flowers.

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CBD vegan gummies, used occasionally and with discretion and half of a portion, do the calming trick for me.

Within an hour or so, I am out naturally like a bear in winter.

The sleep is deep and you get up revived.