Use of Corey Holmes?

IMO Holmes is a slot back. not saying he couldnt be used out of the well, in play action

No doubt, the team would be well served to get Holmes the rock a significant number of times, and in a variety of ways.

When healthy he is the most dangerous return man on the team - both punt and kickoff.

Offensively, while I would not argue with giving him 5 - 10 carries a game at RB - I maintain he would be better utilized for 15-20 plays at SB ...

let's face it, the man is small and as such would be better served by getting past the line of scrimmage untouched and into open space - on the fly.


I'm sure his ankle is still hurting him, these things can take time to mend.

I think that the Cats have mis-used Holmes and he will probably be gone back to the Riders at the end of the year. He can't be happy standing on the sidelines the whole game.

In order to use Cory as a receiver you need to get him the ball on the fly. He would definitely benefit from the slot position with the mismatch with the linebackers. I thought the guys did a fantastic job on Friday finally getting more crossing patterns. Guys were stretching the field and making there backs run all over. If Maas could hit Cory on a quick slant or have run his man right across the field. He will have huge gains.

I think the key to Cory is getting him the ball where he can have a step or two on his defender. If he gets in to the open field look out he will make things happen.

I hope we do use Cory more because I don't want to lose him at the end of the season.

Corey Holmes should be getting used more and more if he is healthy. I can only think that they are being careful with him. Saturday night would be a great time for him to break out. That's my hope. Cheers

The Cats are making a big mistake with Corey. They use him as a designated import which means he can be on special teams and go in if there is an injury to an american, probably Ranek.

What a waste of talent he should be starting before Cavil, used on special teams and go in as the 5th or 6th receiver. I think that he would be very effective. This way we have both Ranek and Corey in the game plan and we get a whole lot better.

Right now we are waisting good talent. It makes one wonder who is calling the shots ihe GM or the coaches. I can't see a coach not utilizing Corey's skill more

I think Corey is still hurt. The only game this year where Corey looked really good was the first one against Toronto.

I thought his kick returns the last few games have looked incredibly average. He looks like he is running in a conservative mode.

If he is healthy he should be the 5th receiver replacing Julian on plays where we are going single back.

Starting package should be Cavil and Flick at WR, Brock and Vaughan at slot, JR and Ranek in the backfield. If JR or any other receiver is replaced Holmes should be the extra guy in. This formation plus his return game should get him the touches he needs to keep him focused.

No one has touched on what I think the biggest concern regarding Holmes is; We have a brutal special teams return unit. We get no pressure on opposing punters and we never seem to provide any lanes or opportunities for Corey to do anything except get swarmed on returns. Corey is getting hammered punt returns. Has anybody noticed that opposing teams have noticed we don't put much pressure on the punter the opposition has been delaying their kicks for a second or so to give the special teams units more time to get downfield. Westwood did this a lot the last two games as did Duvall the two times we recently played Montreal.

I still believe Corey is still hurt. He is too good a football player to get such limited action and I think that is why he is not playing as much.

Funny you should mention the lack of pressure on the opposing punters Glovesave. I was thinking about that the other night during the game. I admit my memory isn't what it used to be, but I got to wondering, when was the last time the Cats actually blocked a punt?

It then had me wishing we still had Gerald Vaughn. Well...maybe someone just like him but younger.

We did. He plays for the blue team now...