Use of Corey Holmes?

First of all I thought Friday night was terrific but even with J.R. running wild I am mystified as to why Corey Holmes did not play on offence. Is he hurt? Every game he has played this year the announcers have questioned why he is not being used more and I agree. Given this weeks huge game do we think we will finally see Corey and Josh playing together? By the way does anyone else think that the Cats can go to 5-6 or even 6-6? This team has a chance to really win back a lot of fans with wins over the Argos in the next three weeks, not to mention causing heart failure to the Argo management who spent a fortune on R.W.. Thoughts?

i think the cats have a good chance of winning the next 5 games, 3 against toronto and 2 against the rough riders. if they can have more big running games and broken tackles after catches.

I think the team dosnt know how to play KH without dumping their running game but Iam sure they are working hard to figure this one out.

If you want Corey to get the ball more, why don't we run it more! Run Ranek 20 times a game AND run Holmes 20 times a game. I'm not kidding.

Let's get our big boys on the offensive line tee off on the opposing defence all night. I bet they'd love it. I know I'd love to see us pound the other teams over and over again.

It would open up the play action pass and the defence couldn't just pass rush all day as they've been doing most of this season. We'd wear the other team down, we'd control time of possession, and we'd probably win more games.

We have two GREAT backs, let's use them!

I'd love to see Corey at slot at least on occasion along side D.J. that would be a lot of speed. Or two backs with Josh but I just wonder if his early season injury is still nagging. He has not busted anything 30 yds or more on a return unless I missed it?

20 carries each is a little much for the CFL. I would how ever say 20-25 for Ranek and get Corey another 10-15 touches through the running or passing game.

That's exactly what I was thinking Scotty except maybe at receiver a bit.

Add your 25 touches for Ranek to your 15 for Holmes and you're at the same 40 touches I was at. So we're on the same page.

Maybe I should have said 20 'touches' each instead of carries. Nevertheless, I'd still like to see those guys getting 40 touches a game.

The best use of Corey Holmes is at RB. Have him spell off Ranek in the beginninga few times so teams are drawn to him in the running game. After a few change of pace rushes you can employ him and Ranek in a two back backfield, SWING PASSES, that's where you will get success with Holmes get him out in the open field matched up on a slower LB or safety.

I would go more for the 25-30 range and get the ball to D.J. and T.V. 10 to 15 times. I am still convinced that this team makes every other team nervous including Montreal whom we should have beaten at least once if not twice. I think Saturday is to say the least a huge game which could change the whole year around. The next three weeks make or break the season in my opinion which is why our best players need to touch the ball. What say you all?

Of course we should be getting our playmakers the ball more. That's obvious. But we haven't seen that all season.

Touches is definitely the proper term. I don’t think Holmes is a 20-25 carry kind of back. Ranek is and like Troy Davis needs that many carries. Holmes is a “home run” threat so as long as he get 10-15 touches a game I think you could see big things from him.

Ideally I would like to see them both in the same backfield with Holmes a pass threat underneath. That would open up the middle of the field for Ranek to plow through.

Hmm. nice Scotty, throw in a couple of screen passes and i really like it.

No screens until these receivers prove they can run block a little better.

Fair enough but Julien would take care of some of that

With the screens you need your receivers to pick up all of there blocking assignments or you'll be dealing with a loss of yards.

No doubt, that we have to get the ball into Holmes' hands as mcuh as possible.

We should use him out of the backfield, and as a receiver, as well as on kick returns.

I think with some good game planning we can get him the ball. I am sure the coaching staff is working on it. We do have a number of weapons and some good signs were shown Friday night.

I think we can be 6-6 after Labour Day. The Argos are in disarray with no offensive co-ordinator and the Riders are inconsistent. Now is the time to strike. We aren't done yet. I think second in the east is a real possibility!

Go Corey!

Which all leads me to believe that Corey is banged up some how if we all know he needs to get the ball obviously the coaches know that as well, taking into account of course that both Corey and Josh have missed several games. We can get to 500. Does anybody know if Jason Maas is better or worse health wise after Friday night?

Corey is the biggest weapon we have offensively. I will continue to rail for him to be used more as a slotback until the football gods comply. :wink:

Simply put, we have to use him where he can create the most mismatches. His one-on-one speed is, in the vernacular, sick. Having him sub Ranek is fine, but there is no excuse for him to be sitting on the pine for long stretches of the game with a nary a touch on offense. If he isn't hurt, get creative and USE HIM MORE!

Oski Wee Wee,