Use Lumsden wisely

I'm sure it's quite annoying for Jesse. It has been every year since his last year at Mac. Hey I would love to see Jesse take 20-25 reps at RB per game. I love the way he plays. There is usually the type of collision when he's brought down, that you don't see with most RB's. It's exciting football, plus you have the fact that he's got moves and lightening speed. I am not saying make him a SB or WR. What I am saying is he should still be a RB first and foremost but put him at SB and even as WR on occasion, put him in motion a lot and keep the D off balance and always guessing. If we didn't have Cauley I would probably not be as much in favour of using Lumsden other than at RB.
Aside from recievers receiving less brunt force hits on average than RB's, receivers still blow out knees and shoulders hitting the ground. If i'm not mistaken, Lumsden's last shoulder injury before he was lost for the season occurred on a play where his shoulder hit the ground. Lumsden has that perfect size, speed, and good hands that he would probably be a star SB. He's got more agility than Clermont, so would not take the same kind of punishment Clermont gets. Why not utilize Lumsden's abilities as a reciever say 10 times/game when Cauley's in at RB. Keep the D they double team Lumsden on the left side? they shift the LB's to cover Jesse when he's on the right? they move the safety over to Jesse's side before he blazes down the sideline on deep routes?...or do tighten up the middle to account for Cauley. It opens up a lot of options and avenues. How does a D prepare for a multi-faceted Lumsden? There are not many RB's I would suggest this about. I think Jesse is the best raw talent CFL RB I've seen in awhile and the most exciting one I've seen in many years to watch. This could work better than just using Jesse at RB. I think that is using Jesse wisely. Hey if it doesn't work then go back to what he's been doing.

I don't mind 5 yards. That's the minimum "good" down production. Especially if it's over the middle. As far as I'm concerned, a pass should go at least 5 yards up field to the reciever. That way, even if there are no YACs, you've still got a first down after 2 plays. That's fine by me. It eats up the clock and (if successful) scores the points.

I agree. Nothing wrong with five yard long as there is a purpose/strategy to it!
In the past it seemed like they were all desperation plays because the QB couldn't throw it any further, the receivers had given up on the long ball and the play calling was just plain sad.

There is something wrong with it because it's proven not to work!

I don't know why people want to keep doing what doesn't work. That's all we've been doing since Bob bought the team is ball control, it's time to get with the times and start airing the ball out, this is the CFL not 1898 rugby!

We now have a deep threat and the most accurate deep thrower the league has seen since Dunnigan and people still want nothing but 5 yard passes? Unfreakin believable.

QBs like that 30 yard pass to the sidelines because it's relatively safe and builds up his stats. Sure, if it's picked off, it's 6 the other way but really, that doesn't happen very often.

I have no problem with it as long as the thrust of the offence is primarily north-south.

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Drexl wrote:

"....people still want nothing but 5 yard passes? Unfreakin believable." again my friend. I don't know anyone who said that. We were discussing it in the context of how Jesse should be used.
You're not going to be able to pick a fight with this one. Try again.

I say that Jesse should play his own game. I wouldn't play him anywhere but at running back.

If changes are to be made, it would be entirely up to Jesse alone. The only change I would see him making is running in less of an upright position, which might make him less vulnerable to injury, however, if Jesse isn't comfortable running with his head down, then by all means, he should continue to do what he does best, but at running back.

Football is a rough game and I've got the arthritis to prove it. Every player takes a calculated risk once he sets foot on the playing field.

Specifically, the 3 yard gain on 2nd-and-8... :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

With QBs with mobility like Printers and Williams, you want them attacking the line of scrimmage whenever possible. I really think that we can get some favourable matchups that way.

The team needs to make better use of option routes and disrupt the opponents' ability to simply tee off on our passing game by being too conservative. More out-and-up routes should be used to freeze opposing corners.

With Armstead and Miles, we have two legitimate deep threats. There is no excuse with Printers at the helm that we shouldn't be airing it out deep. The man throws one of the best deep balls I've ever seen in the Canadian game.

It's important to pound the rock and weaken the front seven across from you to do precisely that!

Oski Wee Wee,

ticat1 wrote: I don't care what they do, as long as they stop the long pass to the flats to gain 3-6 yards. Hasn't worked FOR 5 FREAKING YEARS!!!!! Please, stop running this play!!! If you're going to make the QB throw the ball 30 yards, make him do it UP field, not out to the sidelines 3 yards past scrimmage!
Absolutely correct! I sincerely hope that we don't have to watch wasted effort like ticat1 is describing here. These passes to the flats are usually a waste of time. Get the ball up field, particularly, now that we seemingly, have the bodies to do it.

I'll side with Pseudo on this one.

Jesse is a big RB with his own unique style of running. Cauley is a fantastic RB that can be used interchangeably, that both can be "rested" throughout games.

Both of these guys can lay a devastating block, and we now have Casey Printers in the backfield as well, so I believe that opposing D's are going to have to respect our ability to scamper for big yards.

All of this is "given" that we have a healthy and experienced OLine for a change. But show me who is going to be the go to receivers that we certainly haven't had these last several years that can give us some sort of balanced attack...

Laying it all on Jesse and/or Casey to get us back to respectability is not rationalising our issues properly.

We need an effective "Line Captain" like we had with the Cooler, 4, if not 5 effective linemen, and two reliable receivers, one inside, one outside that can leave the D and ST's on the sideline for 40 minutes a game...

Oddly, I don't sense we are that far from getting there with OB at the helm. Jesse may or may not make it to the Hall of Fame; it takes a LOT to be considered for that, and while he's showing us some good stuff, he has a lot of yards and carries before he'll ever get a sniff of it. Pipe that one down for a few more years!



Caulley should be the starter probably - if an import isn't good enough to start, he shouldn't be on the team - I think Obie has said. Lumsden could still get in some as a change of pace back or maybe play some slotback or WR, return kick-offs, cover on special teams, etc.

Except that isnt what Obie meant and you know it.

Look: just because Obie doesn't think the Americans are good enough does NOT mean he has something against Canadians.

He has to be used the way any running back is used. You cant play scared and you cant run an offence if you are trying to avoid your halfback getting hit. If he gets another major injury then its likely time for him to think about another career. Cats need durability at running back not a player that cant take a hit. Hits happen and injuries happen and your running back has to take it and if he cant, find a new one.

Why would you do that. If you remove Lumsden then you need another Canadian at a different position to start in place.

Lets face it...Jesse has to prove that his shoulder is Ok and can withstand the rigors of playing a full season.

Till Jesse can play more than 2-3 games in a row, I gotta feel that this injury is career threatening.

Caulley showed me alot last year...Jesse had 2 big games, other than that he was ordinary at best