Use Lumsden wisely

I hope to see the braintrust of the Cats use Lumsden wisely this year. Let's face it, his style of running is a precursor to injuries....shoulder surgery, hip, etc. I'm not thinking his shoulder will ever be 100% after surgery. So..... move him around in the offence. Instead of going up the middle meeting the D-line and linebackers, put him at slot, in motion from the backfield, outside receiver. Put yourself in the perspective of the opposing D.....You see Lumsden line up at left slot one play, righ slot the next, outside reciever the next play, and then a backfield Lumsden in motion the next play. Keep the D guessing and they will be all over the place trying to guess where the Beast will be going. Opens up a multitude of avenues for him and the rest of the offence. I would love to see the linebackers try to corral Cauley when they have position themselves to account for Lumsden. What are they going to do???..Put all their small guys on Lumsden? I think not. Use Lumsden wisely this year!

What's the problem with Lumsden at wideout every once in awhile? The boy's got speed to burn and what DB in the league is going to bring him down in the flat or the open?

Use Lumsden wisely -- Good thread, :thup: -- IS it Jessie's, Heads up style of running, or does he press to much,should he step out of touch once in a while.

Why don't we let him punt, play DB, be a backup QB and sell hotdogs at halftime?

You guys are doing it again. Here you have a good young player, but you are trying to make him into a Hall of famer. For the love of Pete, he has missed more games than he has played. Although nobody is mentioning it, his shoulder problems may be career threatening.

Start Caulley, let him get stronger and healthier.

Caulley also has a history of injury and over using him could produce the same results. A good balanced attack might be the answer.

Agreed 100%

Let the players play to their strengths.

To play someone so as not to get hurt is not the way to play football.

Injuries happen to all football players. Some more than others. Those are the risks.

To play someone so as not to get hurt is not the weay to play football.

Well said Captain. And any player worth their weight doesn't want to play that way anyways, they know they can't be effective and contribute as they should. I hope Jesse's shoulder is good and if it's a case of the 1st month of the season he doesn't play to get the shoulder near tip-top return shape, then sit him.

If he's good to go, he goes---at RB. He's barely established himself as a RB and he'd be expected to play SB and WR too? He got to where he is today as a RB, playing a certain way and he needs to continue to do that and the team also needs him to do that.

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I've always felt like starting a topic about use a running back properly,so they can stay healthy for the big games in the playoffs.

By that I'm thinking of past running backs who got pounded running back punts and kickoffs risking injury.

I agree with the original post's idea by Synthcat to use Lumsden wisely.

What does that really mean in reality?

It means he gets out in the open running full tilt and always will risk injury like every other football player playing this rough game.

Jesse has to do what he does best. Keep him as an RB and let him keep pounding. If the O-line does its job, it will be easier on him and he will pile up the yards. However...Jesse has to be part of a balanced running game.
This will be a crucial year for him. If he gets seriously injured again I think his career will be over.

Use him as a decoy early on in games, use a lot of bootlegs and stretch out the defence with a lot of deep passes early then in the second half pound Jesse once the defence is worn out from chasing Printers around and they will also have all their half time adjustments centered arounding stopping the pass. I'd rather see them run him 12 times a game with a 8.8 ypc average then run him 25 times and average 4.4 ypc

I'd rather see them run him 12 times a game with a 8.8 ypc average then run him 25 times and average 4.4 ypc
I disagree with that theory. Time of posession and ball control would likely increase with 25 x 4.4.

I understand, synthcat, that your intentions are good but

do you know how annoying it is to be perceived
as injury-prone for a hard-nosed player like Jesse?

May I recommend, as a favour to Jesse, that we stop
discussing ways to play Jesse to save him from punishment.

If the team's medical staff gives him the 'go ahead'

neither Jesse nor the coaching staff
will take our suggestions anyways.

If and when Jesse gets hurt or tweaks something again

I am all for a thread full of 'I told-you-so's.


On the bright side, the odds are tilting Jesse's way
in favour of him not getting injured this year. :smiley:

IMO Lumsden will have the most success with 15-17 carries a game with an effective passing attack to open the front 7 up for him.

Lumsden is a game breaker, but giving him the ball 25 times is just suicide.

There is no doubt that the Ticats are turning into a "power running attack" style of offence. Taaffe has always stressed the importance of establishing the run. Coach B (OC) is known to be a "ball-control offence" kind of coach. We have Dickerson, Piercy and Radlein, all great run blockers. We recently signed Charles Thomas, who was a great run-blocker for Coach B in Riderville a few years back. And Bekesiak (6'6", 300 lbs) is being moved to the offensive line for a reason.

Under those circumstances, if he's hot and unstoppable, I say run Lumsden till he drops.

That said, Bob is paying Printers megabucks, so I also want to see some QB scrambles and long bombs thrown into the mix along the way.

I'll tell you one thing, if Jesse stays decently healthy and gets the rock 15-17 times per game, with his great attitude and speed, this should really open up the passing game. And then bring in Caulley from time to time to spell Lumsden off, who is great also, could be super!

That's a good point, Earl. One that I would take even a little further.

A successful mobile passing game by Printers might open up the running game with Jesse.
It's the CFL baby!

I don’t care what they do, as long as they stop the long pass to the flats to gain 3-6 yards. Hasn’t worked FOR 5 FREAKING YEARS!!! Please, stop running this play!!! If you’re going to make the QB throw the ball 30 yards, make him do it UP field, not out to the sidelines 3 yards past scrimmage!

LOL!!! Absolutely true but funny to see it in print like this.

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I hate to break it to you, but if you dislike 5-yard passes, you are not going to like Bellefeuille's offense. I'm an Als fan who just had to suffer through a year of Bellefeuille at the controls, and it ain't pretty.