Use Julian Radlien More

I'd like to see Julian get a few more shots at pushing the ball forward.

I can think of many times where just his size and strength alone would have made the difference in getting an extra yard.

If they don't use him much this weekend then I can see him being dealt at the trade deadline. :frowning:

It's a BIG MISTAKE to just use him to promote "The Ticats in the community"! :roll:

Give Julian The Ball! :thup:

Well, he's lost his startng job to an import, and we acquired another Canadian FB in Jeff Piercy. I'd say he's expendable.

I like Julien, but if he were traded I don't think it would affect the team greatly.

This game is a "game of inches"!

How many times have we come up short "by inches" when his forward momentum alone would have carried us to the first down or the goal line?

We can play "what could have been" all day long and that won't change a thing but if we are not going to use the guy then let's get something for him that the coaches will use!

although i feel he wont be back,he sure would look good right now on 3rd and short.

Im not that big on Radlien. I think with Printers and Williams short yardage can be handled by them. If he had better hands I could see him staying around.

Give Julien the ball.

Remember when on third and short Julien would pound out the yard and a half every time?

Then he injured his knee in Calgary.

Can he still pound it?

Give Julien the ball!

Julian is one of the best fullbacks in the league.. if not the best. He needs to get the ball more. Though, as much as it hurts me to say so, if he isn't going to be used effectively he should be traded to a team who will use him to the best of his abilities... just not the Argos.

Short yardage is when use a BIG STRONG FULLBACK! We've already seen what happens when we try to use Printers and Williams on short yardage! :roll:

With his size alone his momentum will push him through!

Off tackle or picking a hole is better than trying to run against a brick wall with your horse and letting the defence stack that area.

Williams got through this way as some one mentioned Doug Flutie used to do.

Even Radlien can't get a yard against a diving middle linebacker and stacked up line.

Point being ....disguise the exact point of entry ,or hole .

I say move Curry to KR, move Dickerson to slot (he used to be a slotback with the Stamps), move Radelein to starting FB and Piercy can then back up Rads instead of just playing special teams.

That said, if Radelien isn't used more and they can get another starter for him, I say trade him. We are covered at FB with Piercy and Dickerson.

I honestly just feel he is over rated as a fullback. Although, I do think he does well as a blocker.

Yes, he can.. I even have pictures somewhere to prove it.

My point was that in the 3rd and short situation a hand-off to a charging FB has a better chance of picking his spot and letting his momentum push him through!

Again...I feel that Julian has been underutilised and with the trade deadline soon ariving I would not be surprised to see him traded.

I'm going to hate to see him go if it happens. This is just one more situation where a fan looks at the teams results and says "WHAT IF We Had Used.........."!

I believe you TiCats fans are not aware of the good Canadian fullback you received from a trade with the Als. Jeff Piercy is now playing very well for you on special tears. He is a solid runner and is excellent in receiving the short pass. He needs an opportunity to show his stuff.

Rads lost his job to Dickerson. We may see him in the coming weeks if Jesse cannot play. With Caully in at RB, then we would need to play Rads because of the ratio.

Or we play Piercy at FB, or make some other I/NI change.

Fullbacks by nature aren't really playmakers. They're mostly short yardage backs and blockers. And Radlein is exceptional at both those aspects. What baffles me is that we throw to him. He doesn't have great hands.

But I would like to see him on the field more, even just as a blocker. And for heaven's sakes line him up in the backfield on those 3rd and short situations, at the very least it'll scare the defences. But handing him the ball is also a good idea as he's proven to be a great short yardage back.

Here's the thing. Dickerson beats him in every single one of those facets of the game. Dickerson is also a playmaker that consistently gets the first down.
Dickerson beat Radlein out hands down and if you get beat like that you are most often cut unless you are a member of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats football club.

Ever since Julian got injured he has looked like he has lost some of his quickness/power. A bad knee injury for a fullback is hard to come back from let alone reach 100% health.

His work ethic and commitment to the 'Cats is great but I'm not convinced that his injury isn't still a factor.

I wish him success here or wherever he may play. Quality guy...

This begs the question of why the coach used Williams on the 3rd and short :roll:

With Dickerson and Radlien...WHY NOT USE THEM? :roll: