USC vs Texas

Nah, what about the Bomber fans? By the way, RW, did you see my topic about the refs unifroms, you cape idea came up in it.

.......I guess I was a little too narrow in my observation, there were probably at least fifteen or so happy BB fans after that game.......the other 30 to 40 thou were wondering 'why can't that be every weekend'........

........and it's '06, capes are so passe........the new year is screaming for codpieces.........

YES!!! :lol:

Um, ok!

I don't really follow the US college game that closely but from what I have read, this should be a hecka of a game from a football standpoint with two excellent programs vying for the no. 1 American college position. Now from an emotional viewpoint, I could care less about who wins as no Canadiana here for me, just like watching two American teams in the Stanley Cup final, great hockey no doubt but no in the heart emotional experience for me unlike if a Canadian team is in it.

R&W, I'm scared to ask, but can't stop myself...... multi-colored, or do they form part of an "outfit" with the leggings?

I had a buddy that dressed up like some bad 80's singer (I know, there were only a couple so I should remember the dude) for Hallowe'en one year, and part of the costume was a HUGE codpiece that quickly became a target for anything that could be thrown..... I'm getting scary flashbacks.....

And to just stay on topic, I think it'll be a great game, but I agree, there won't be much emotional involvement.. I'll probably decide when the game starts who I'll "cheer" for....... in between studying of course. :slight_smile:

the only emotional aspect I have on the game is the $100 I have on USC. They need to win by 8pts and i believe they will.

.......I agree, SoCal by 10........good luck daddy!.......

Kanga was right, college football is boring.

That game was awesome. The texan qb, 200 yds rushing 250 passing. insane. I thought it was a great game. and what a great ending

Your right, Billy, the game was awesome. Vince Young, a man amongst boys. I have watched Reggie Bush play the last three years and he never makes mistake on the field but for the life of me I don't know what he was thinking when he tired to lateral the ball to his team mate on the Texas 20 yard line. I think I felt worst for him then I did for myself - I knew at that point I was going to loss my bet.

didn't see it, got into a fight with my mother.

I'm glad that Teaxs won, but I love the Canadian style of football better.

Wow what a great championship game. A great qb takes his team on his back and carries them into the endzone for the game winning td. Vince Young played an amazing game (helped out by USC's weak secondary). Bush played great and Lendale White really impressed me.

The one thing I saw though is Bush doesn't get a lot of touches and I wonder how he will fair in the NFL because of that.

that is what is so amazing about Bush, he doesn't get a lot of touches but still wins the Heismann award. Without a doubt he is the BEST back I have seen since I have lived in the states for the past 20+ years. He will dominate the NFL in two years.

Just so you know, I am not a USC fan. My teams are Hawaii, Wyoming and Washington State. Hawaii because I went to school there, Wyoming because I used to live in the state and WSU because that is where I live now.


I have to laugh. I mean this was an excellent game from an entertaining point of view, lots of scoring and went down to the final plays. The reason I have to laugh is when I hear the NFL fans who only like the NFL and trash the CFL, when they say they like the low scoring, few passes but lots of running "3 yards and a cloud of dust" type of games. What a joke. It's not that I don't mind low scoring games in any league from time to time but are you kidding me? The fans at the Rose Bowl were going nuts with each touchdown and the game was a real shootout affair which I'm sure translated into excellent ratings. There is no way these "NFL only" fans would say that this game was a dull one and not entertaining.
Again, just makes me want to laugh at the "NFL only" morons but then they are morons so what can you expect I guess.

I can't resist.

That was the last time for me, I swear.

.........and that is relevant how?........

i don't usally like collage football but that was a REALLY exciting game