USC vs Texas

I know there are a few college football fans out there, who are you cheering for on wednesday evening? I have to go with the west coast team. Nothing good comes from Texas. Go USC!

LONGHORNS!!! My favourite team. What a game this will be. 3 top hiesman candidates in one game.

Sorry, I dislike college football even move that the NFL
I cant seem to make myself care over who wins.

That is too bad Ro1313. I find the college game to be equal to the CFL in terms of excitement. You never know who is going to win until the game is over. The game is steep in tradition and the fans are true to their teams - much like the CFL. If I could make one recommendation to you it would be to take in a major college football game if you are ever in the states. You don't have to know the schools just take in the atmosphere - it will blow you away.

They may be true but in CFL or hockey or when we had baseball even in the olympics. I wanted Montreal or Canada to win. Although it would not change my life it meant something to me as a Montrealer.

If USC beats whoever, it just means nothing

WHAT! usually after Half time in a NCAA game, is game is pretty much over because the other team is behind by 20 OR MORE points and has no hope in heck or beating the winning team.

Sorry, WIYD, but as far as excitement goes, NCAA football is totally inferior to CFL football, when no lead is protected (remember Canada Day?). and I have said it once and I'll say it again, the end zone is WAY too small, and should be 15 yards, blah, blah, blah.

I must admit, the end to the Michigan game was quite a show (where the players were passing the ball back in four like a hot potato and it was still in play), but unfortunately, nothing became of it.

Go Longhorns!

Hey, one of my friends is prefoming in the Orange Bowl!!!! 8)

Congrats Apirl! BREACK A LEG! :wink:

Hook'em Horns!

Kanga, Kanga, Kanga.. Your right and your wrong about excitement level in NCAA football. I think you have to know which games to watch. Sure, there are games that suck and all leagues have those games ( I have seen plenty of stinkers in the CFL over the past 30 years) and there are games that keep you glued to the screen, does USC vs Notre Dame two months ago ring a bell with you ( or USC / Fresno State, WVU vs Gerogia, Boise St vs BC, Penn St. VS Florida St). I think you get my point. If you decide to watch Dip Stick University vs Crap For Brains College you get what you deserve and I can see why you don't watch any more games. Keep an open mind and if you watch these games you will see a future start in the CFL and he won't be a no name.

NO CFL game is a stinker because NO lead is ever "protected" like in American football.

Heck, that is one of the 22+ reasons why I love the CFL, no game is ever boring if you know that fact.

Remember the BC vs. Winnipeg game? to Americans it was a stinker cuz BC was everywhere but in the game, but for me it's one of those games I will always remember (Bomber fan or not), like this year's GC.

Kanga, Kanga, Kanga I can appreciate your love of the CFL game but there have been stinkers. You have only been a fan for a couple of years, I have been a fan since LOOOUU was a rookie for the BC Lions. If you do the math that was before you were walking on this planet. I have had plently of opportunities to see a lot ( and I mean a lot) of CFL games And there has been the odd time that one or two of them have smelled worst then a dead skunk on the side of Saskatchewan highway. Too bad you weren't around for the American Expansion period - you would know what I meant then. As far as GC games go you are preaching to the choir as I have been 11 or the last 12 games. When you make your first you can lecture me about how exciting/ non exciting they are.

God mate, just look at the Orange Bowl, the GC was a far better game.

Kanga, kanga, Kanga.. What is wrong with the Orange Bowl game? It went into triple over time! You have to learn to appreciate the game where ever it is played. You will never convince me that D-1 football is not exciting, I prefer it over the NFL and I find the top teams can provide a lot of excitement. You may disagree and that is okay but you are cheating yourself of good entertainment and making your winter months last that much longer if you can't sit down with a cold Fosters and enjoy a good football game - no matter who is playing. Your feelings about College football is like me saying that Vegamite Sandwiches SUCK, how can I say that if I honestly haven't tried to eat one without complaining how it tastes like s**t first.

It's far easier to come back in college football than it is in the NFL. College football has a 25 second play clock and temporarily stops the clock after every first down to move the chains and let the teams set-up.

College football does have copius amount of blow-outs though. The competitive disparity is huge between the top teams in division 1 and the bottom teams. But when you get two top teams playing each other like USC and Texas, Penn State and Forida St., or Michigan and Ohio St., it always makes for interesting games.

I had a really great post and I lost it again!!! stupid bloody ****************** website!

Short of it.

OB was boring because their were no scores in the first OT, just two guys messing up FGs (BBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOORRRRRRRRIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNGGGGGGGGGG!!!!), if that had happened in the CFL, they would have counted for Singles.

2nd OT was like the frist's halves of the GC, and so was the 3nd OT like the 2nd halves of the GC but this time my team won.

Glad that Penn State won cuz I hate FSU to death! being a Gator's fan and I really hate their nick name and fan traditions, THEY SUCK! I'm glad that PS shut that crowd up.

and I have NBA Basketball (until that goes to crap, STAY NETS STAY!) and whatever left of NHL hockey this winter. and Ã? don't drink fosters, I drink VB and MB at Home and Molson, Moosehead, or La Batt wille in NA.

Yous sound like you have experience, but beware, like any Aussie, I LOVE MY VEGEMITE! just as much as the French love their frog legs

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THe NCAA banned using nicknames that they deemed offensive to native american tribes. The Seminoles nickname stayed because they were given approval by the native american tribe to keep using it. The tribe said it was honoured that Florida St. was using their namesake.

Yeah, I do that, but sometimes I forget and it ends up in disaster.

I hate playing beat the clock.

I'm glad that NCAA did that, but I still hate it when I they use native American culture with that tomahawk crop and ****.

.......KK, NCAA foosball for the most part rocks.......when a sport can pack in 100,000 fans 80% of whom are absolutely bezerk in who they are cheering for that is entertainment.....these kids are playing for heart and opportunity......there's very little in the way of inflated egos (ala T.O.) and the history of some of these franchises is awesome (go back a read up on what Charlie W of Notre Dame dud for this poor dying kid earlier this year)......I for one am looking forward to the BSC tilt tonight.......couldn't care less which side wins, but will thoroughly enjoy the event itself.....

.......BTW, I think you were the only person that completely enjoyed the BC-Winnipeg game......