USA vs The World?

I heard today there’s going to be some junior football game in the US where a US team will take on a “world” team.
The world team will be mainly made up of Canadian players.
Because really, the rest of the world doesn’t give a hoot about Canadian or American football.

But what I don’t like is the fact our Canadian players will be helping promote their brand of football over ours.
There won’t be any Canadian type rules used in this game. It’ll be all red white and blue NFL.
Like why isnt’ the CFL promoting some type of juniour all-star game up here under OUR rules?

But why isnt’ the CFL promoting some type of juniour all-star game up here under OUR rules?
Why do our kids have to go to the US of A and play under American rules?

The CFL better keep its head up and take the lead on these things.
Because the NFL, and forces in this country, are out to push the American style game only.
The CFL is seen as a major threat to people with NFL dreams in Canada.
And they will do all they can to destroy it.

Which is why Cohon better be careful about getting into any kind of partnership with those people
Because before you know it, we’ll be playing four downs and they’ll rename the CFL the Canadian league of American football.

I'd support the idea of a Canada vs. USA junior football mini-series. One game played in the USA with American rules and 1 game played in Canada with Canadian rules. It would be interesting to see the outcomes. With the number of American programs and players compared to the Canadian programs we might be in tough based on the population difference of our two countries but still I'd be interested to see how it would end up.

...sometimes I shake my head at your insecurities berezin, they really are pathetic...

...during the Pro Bowl week USA Football, the organization that promotes the sport within the US at the U19 level, is hosting a game that will pit a 45 kid squad made up of top level high school players against a 45 kid squad made up of players from around the world (Canada, Japan, Sweden, Australia, Germany, etc. etc. etc.) .....

....and this is a threat to the CFL how?....seriously, get a grip, a friendly match of high school players during the media-frenzy that is the Superbowl Bye Week is no threat to our league....

There have been junior tournaments for a while now, and Our Canadian kids have done very well, This game format is a little different in that Canadian,s will have to share roster spots with many other countries, so i would not be surprised to see the U.S.a. win this one. I agree with berizen in that Football Canada, and the CFL should invite the USA team to play us a game using our rules. Go easy on berizen R&W you Western fans don,t know what us in the east have to put up with at the water cooler LOL

i cant say for sure right now, but i am thinking that in the past, there have been some similar matches at the university or high school level during super bowl week that the canadians have actually won. im still trying to find the source though.

Just tellin like it is Red and White.
We gotta keep Canadian kids playing OUR game.
Not Theirs.
You don't think thats a problem? Good for you
I do.
And really, I could take shots at you, but its not worth it.

Hey I agree with you berezin, protect the Canadian game at the junior level, frankly at any level.
If we get to host the tournament then I say under the condition it is played with 3 downs only.
Redandwhite says some of us are insecure, well for all the right reasons since we need to keep the big elephant out of the room.
We can come up with many examples, here is a few about minor football and pathetically how in Vancouver they play 4 down football in high school and also some places in southern Ontario. I am sure there are more places in Canada. am I, and your sky-is-falling routine is too painful to witness anymore...has been for a long time now...I'm frankly growing tired of your cry wolf threads here and had to say something, ignoring these Chicken Little claims has proved fruitless so let's go, show me inconclusively how this tournament is a huge threat to the CFL league......getting bent out of shape over a friendly tournament held down in Florida is a waste of time...please berezin, waste more time, take a shot at me, it's a long off season...

....I'll start: argotom, they have been playing 4 down football in the lower mainland of BC since at least I played HS football there, '78 to '81 - Windsor High North Vancouver, and I'm pretty damn sure they were playing 4 down Fball long before I did, so please tell me how that program has threatened our version of the game so far?...seems like a whole lot of time has passed with no impact that I can see...the CFL is still rolling right along, in fact better now than the early '80s...

if this is a threat to Canadian football, then the olympics is a threat to Canadian hockey. why? because we are sending our athletes to play an international/europe style of hockey. same when we send our junior players over seas. also when the playoffs are on, we need to then realize the international hockey that takes players that are not in the playoffs is a clear threat to Canadian hockey. International Bball is also a little different, yet we allow participation of our bball players in such events, with no complaints.

We say its good to expose our talent to the states... but only under our rules... that sounds more american then americans to me.

This is either A good thing for Canadian football, or no affect on Canadian football. Sometimes we dont give americans enough credit. they are smart enough to realize we play different rules, and its not a best vs best thing. it has about the same credibility as the pro bowl. our high school goes down to montana to play an american team about once a year, american rules... And yet, the program is still goin strong(won provincials).

Thanks for your support Argotom.
People who don't live in southern Ontario don't understand the pro American media in this area.
Where if it ain't from the good old US of A, it ain't worthy.

And I have one question.
Would Americans play Canadian rule football in their coutnry?
Hell no.
So why is any school in Canada playing American rules?

What bothers me is we're always bending over backwards to suit everybody else.
Look at hockey.
The rest of the world plays a different style.
So what do we do? We change our hockey completely to be more like the rest of the world.

Doesn't matter that most Canadians liked the old style hockey.
Its the fact if somebody else does it different, it must be better.
And that has to stop yesterday

...more fearmongering with no conclusive backup to support it, typical...

...your hockey analogy is bogus as well, the game changed from a grinding physical game to a fast paced skill-based game under progression of evolution process, the teams that did changed intially (brought in europeans) found a way around the teams that didn't and in doing so found success, all teams responded alike and the game say that most canadians liked the old style of play is unsupportable as well...

This is true Hockey did change since the summit series in 72, High sticking, slashing, positional play out the window, and larger ice surfaces are the norm now, passing is extinct, _ as for football American,s don't even recognize Canadian football as real football. speaking from experience ,southern Ontario casual conversation _ Q)so you like football A)- ya , our group has made several trip,s to buffalo to watch some games live . :roll: Many do not even recognize Canadian football as football in S.O. as in America. Its sad but true!

This country is so wishy washy.
We let foreigners change our style of hockey into a more European style.
Whats to say we won't we won't change Canadian football to a more American style?
Because thats the mentality of this country.
If somebody else does it different, then our style must be inferior.'s like debating with the guy that has a 'The End is Near' sign standing on the corner...ask him for specifics and he can't cough them up because he knows that when that date comes and goes with no disasterous results his theory, and credibility, is blown...

...the CFL has co-existed with the NFL for quite some time, and will continue to do so, no matter what U19 game is held in Florida, or what rules of the game are used in the Lower Mainland, plain and simple....

No, I'm pretty sure most people here are aware of the media in Ontario... We just don't care. See, we don't follow all these reporters and journalists around like shadows, and read or listen to every word they write or speak. If you don't like what these people are saying, simply don't follow them. I'm not a big fan of Stephen Colbert, so you know what, I don't watch his show!!!

Enter the SasKota Bowl, where the teams made up of the high-school players from each of Saskatchewan and North Dakota play each other, alternating locations between Saskatchewan and North Dakota. When in Saskatchewan they play 3-down, when in North Dakota, they play 4. Watch out NFL! Before you know it, you'll be playing three downs and you won't even know what hit you. This must be the reason behind all that excess passing going on in the NFL these days. Too many North Dakotans got corrupted by those prairie boys from up north, and it just spread like a virus from there.

I'd prefer to keep things they way they are. I like the typically faster pace of the CFL. But I can't imagine things would be so terrible if some day the CFL did become 4-down football. After all, the current rules were modelled after the American game to begin with. Look up Burnside Rules. Maybe you'd like to advocate digging up a rule book from 1902 and use those pre-Burnside Rugby-style rules instead of the current gridiron rules in place now.

In reality you folks out west have no clue like berezin said what it is like to live in Toronto and specifically Southern Ontario.
The US wannabe factor is unbelievable.
So why I ask anywhere in Canada regardless of the wannabe factor or not, should we play the boring 4 down game?? It's simply not ours. Period.
As for the hockey analogy, some is fair because we the Canadians have sold out our game which is dictated by the Americans in New York city and some clown running it now who knows squat about the game.
Meanwhile, hockey played in NA is the same and arguably boring style unlike the European bigger ice surface and more open style with the emphasis on skill instead of fighting on our postage size rink.
Hey, this is the same analogy when we compare the better CFL game on a bigger field versus the No Funners.

Do you really think that no school in the states would accept the challenge to come up north and play a game of canadian ball in the off season? you guys are right, i dont know what southern ontario is like. i know some states are further North then southern ontario. So im sure that plays into the american influence as well.

I like you as a poster, however, the more exciting European game is a myth. Bigger surface does not equal exciting play, in fact the European hockey is much more tactical then the North American game. Watch teams who don't have many NHLer's on their team at the Olympics and you'll see what I mean. Also the best thing to happen to hockey has been the cultural exchange. Be it Europeans coming to the NHL or the growth of the sport internationally.

Lastly Bob Ackles (RIP) in many instances has stated the reason they play 4 downs in the Lower Mainland is because in order to get competition especially before teams needed to play in Washington, Oregon etc. Also kids can get full ride scholarships to play in the states, so in fact it may not be all that bad. Especially when you consider more and more Canadian CFLers are coming from NCAA ball. IMO it's a good thing. It's sad but perhaps the best way for us to develop our players is by letting them go south of the border for 4 years then they can come and play our game with our rules for our teams.

Right on the nose Argotom.

And Cheif.
You can ignore it all you want.
But the fact is there's people with money in southern Ontario who wish ill on our game.
You can whistle past the grave yard all you want. But I'm not.

And Geroy.
Damn shame are kids have to go to a foreign country for sports.
But the media in these parts almost promotes it.
They even promote it over the CHL at time.

If a kid is any good in sports in these parts, they always look south of the border.
Especially if they're from Toronto.
And that has to change.